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The Famous Vegan YouTuber Who Was Viciously Shamed For Being Caught Eating Meat Is Now Defending Herself

Yovana Mendoza, better known as Rawvana, told BuzzFeed News her "intentions are and always have been good." She just wants to eat what she wants without judgment.

Tanya Chen • 11 hours ago

Fans Are Pissed After A Famous Vegan YouTuber Was Allegedly Caught Eating Fish In Another Person's Vlog

Yovana "Rawvana" Mendoza's vegan fans are livid and are spamming her social media pages with fish images and emojis.

Vegans Traveling To LA, This Restaurant Roundup Has You Covered

I'm not saying Los Angeles is the vegan capital of the US, but I'm not saying it's not. You know?

Ariana Grande's Starbucks Drink Isn't Vegan And People Are Seriously Confused

"A LOT of people came to my store today thinking it was vegan."


I Tried 7 "Magic" Health Recipes To See If They Actually Work

From waffles made of protein powder to noodles with zero calories, here's what worked and what definitely didn't.

A Big Vegan YouTuber Is Leaving Veganism After He Broke Down And Ate Raw Eggs After A 35-Day Water Fast

Tim Shieff’s admission that he will consume meat for health reasons has made many vegans angry and led to his ouster from the vegan clothing company he founded.

22 Funny Tweets Only Vegans Will Relate To

"So y’all will stop using straws to save fish, but won’t stop eating fish to save fish."

18 ganz einfache Wege, die Umwelt zu schonen

Wenn wir die Erde retten wollen, helfen oft schon ganz einfache Mittel. 🌍

Bei diesem One-Pot-Butternuss-Pilav aus dem Ofen wird dir ganz warm ums Herz

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!


Wie lange würdest du als Veganer überleben?

Wie lange würdest du ohne tierisches Essen überleben?

Sag Ja zu diesem Ratatouille-Salat mit Quinoa!

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Tasty-Kochbuch gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch. Hol es dir hier!

10 eklige Geheimnisse der Lebensmittelindustrie

Was hat die Schwimmblase eines Fisches mit Wein zu tun?

18 Really Simple Changes That'll Help The Planet

When it comes to looking after the planet, every little helps 🌍.

10 Dinge die du vermisst, wenn du kein Fleisch mehr isst

Auch wenn sich der Verzicht lohnt, ist es manchmal tierisch schwer.

11 Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Eat Less Dairy

It's time to welcome nutritional yeast, nut milks, and avocado ice cream into your life.

Die 8 wichtigsten Tipps und Tricks für alle, die vegan leben wollen

Mit diesem Guide wird pflanzliche Ernährung zum Kinderspiel!

28 Easy Vegan Recipes To Help You Through Veganuary

Veganuary = eating vegan for the entire month of January.

27 Vegan Recipes For Beginners That Are Actually Really Easy

From lasagna to macaroni and cheese, here are all the vegan staples you should know how to cook.

12 Practical Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Give Up Meat In 2019

Whether you're considering going pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or just want to cut down on meat, we have the advice you're looking for.

17 Quick And Easy Vegan Dinners That'll Fill You Up

Only have an hour (or less) to spare? These vegan meals have you covered.

14 Delicious Cookie Recipes Without Eggs Or Dairy

Because you can make great tasting cookies without eggs and dairy.

34 Sprüche, die du an Weihnachten garantiert schon von deiner Familie gehört hast

Wie viele Seitenhiebe erwarten euch dieses Jahr, wenn ihr zu eurer Familie fahrt?

I Tried 9 Popular Meat Substitute Products And Have A Lot Of Thoughts

Meatless sausages, meatballs, and nuggets, oh my!

We Tried Four Non-Dairy Yogurts To See Which Ones Are Actually Good

If I'm going to eat it for breakfast every day, it better be tasty and creamy.

Curious About All Those Dairy-Free Milks? Here's A Helpful Guide

Let's talk about nutrition, taste, and sustainability.

28 Vegan Desserts That Will Make You Drool

Sweet treats so tasty, you may find it hard to believe that they're dairy-free!

I’m Scared Of Natural Deodorants But I Tested 4 So You Don’t Have To

Is anyone else way too nervous to try natural deodorants?

I Tried The Plant-Based Chips That Supposedly Taste Just Like Bacon

These chips are made out of mushrooms...but you'd never know it.

Literally 17 Recipes Where You Only Need 3 Ingredients

The only recipe list you'll need if you're a busy bee.

Here's What Registered Dietitians Really Think About Oat Milk's Nutrition Profile

Some people LOVE oat milk. We asked the experts how it compares with other nondairy milks.

17 Tweets About Being Vegan That Are Just Way Too Real

"So y’all will stop using straws to save fish but won’t stop eating fish to save fish"

15 Seriously Delicious Junk Foods You Need To Try If You're A Vegan

Whether your tastes are more sweet or savoury, there's something for everyone.

28 Memes, die nur Veganer lustig finden

Für alle Veganer, die trotz Proteinmangel noch Kraft haben, einen Artikel anzuklicken.

19 Super-Annoying Struggles Every Vegan Has Faced

Milk powder in crackers…WHY WHY WHY???

16 Cruelty-Free And Vegan Skincare Brands You Need To Know

For those who want their self-care to also care for the planet and all its inhabitants.

20 Memes That Truly Sum Up The Pain/joy Of Being Vegan

"When you tell your mum you're vegan but she says 'Oh, chicken isn't meat'."

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