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Gordon Ramsay Is Feuding With A Vegan TikToker, And He Just Ate A Burger On Camera To Spite Her

There's major ~beef~ happening on TikTok.

Gordon Ramsay was recently called out for his love of meat by a well-known vegan TikToker β€” and in a viral video response, the celebrity chef addressed the drama by eating a beef burger on camera.

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

So, let's rewind a bit here. Gordon has a ridiculously popular TikTok account, with nearly 20 million followers. As you'd probably expect, he uses it to showcase food.

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

Lots of that food β€” almost all of it β€” includes meat:

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

He has a particular fondness for reviewing other people's weird meat videos:

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

And if he thinks you're fucking up a steak, he'll diss you by calling you a "donut":

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

So, a vegan TikToker, @ThatVeganTeacher β€” who's actually been the subject of a few other controversies in the past β€” decided to call out Gordon for using his platform to promote meat-eating.


@gordonramsayofficial #eatinganimalsiswrong #gordonramsay #hurtinganimalsiswrong #sing #song #mcdonalds #kfc #vegan #bekind #veganphobiaiswrong

♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay - That Vegan Teacher πŸ¦‹

In her video, @ThatVeganTeacher sings an original song with the lyrics: "Eating animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay / Hurting animals is wrong, Gordon Ramsay / And if you call me a 'donut,' that's fine, as long as you're vegan from now on."

@thatveganteacher / Via

Well, Gordon just responded to her call-out video in what has quickly become one of his most viral TikToks of all time.


#duet with @thatveganteacher Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp

♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay - That Vegan Teacher πŸ¦‹

At the start of the video, Gordon watches @ThatVeganTeacher sing her song, as he chews on a piece of lettuce.

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

He proceeds to spit out the lettuce and call her a "vegan donut." He then holds up a burger to the camera and starts eating it.

@gordonramsayofficial / Via

"Beef burgers were consumed while making this TikTok," Ramsay captioned the video, which has amassed over 10 million likes and 45 million views so far.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

He also uploaded the video to Instagram, noting: "It’s an honour a song was written about me...and now back to my beef burger."

Gordon's burger-eating video is proving quite controversial online. Lots of people are supporting the celebrity chef:

His daughter, Holly Anna Ramsay, had jokes:

Many commenters on both Instagram and TikTok felt like @ThatVeganTeacher was in the wrong, by "trying to force people to convert":

In fact, even some self-described vegans and vegetarians are siding with Gordon on this:

But not everyone is celebrating Gordon's clapback. Some people are downright pissed:

He's been accused of "mocking the death of innocent beings" and "belittling the truth" with his video:

Others questioned whether @ThatVeganTeacher actually did anything wrong here:

And several users asked Gordon to consider the environmental impact of eating meat:

Well, no matter where you stand in the debate, this commenter pointed out an undeniable fact:

And this user summed up the whole drama quite nicely:

You can check out Gordon's viral TikTok response below:


#duet with @thatveganteacher Beef #burgers were consumed while making this tiktok #ramsayreacts #fyp

♬ EatingAnimalsIsWrongGordonRamsay - That Vegan Teacher πŸ¦‹

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