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    34 Springy And Satisfying Recipes For When You're Not Sure What To Cook

    May is here! Let's eat.

    May is here! ☀️

    The sun is shining, summer is just around the corner, and we're digging in to some of the best seasonal ingredients and recipes that this month has to offer. Find several of our favorites below.

    Here's what's in season this month:

    1. Sautéed Dandelion Greens With Eggs

    Skillet dandelion greens with baked eggs.

    2. Berry Breakfast Smoothie Bowl

    Berry smoothie bowl

    3. Blackberry Lemon Dutch Baby

    A Dutch baby filled with blackberries.

    4. Strawberry and Cream Scones

    5. Papaya Breakfast Bowls

    A papaya boat with yogurt and other fruits.

    6. Jumbo Blueberry Muffins

    Several blueberry muffins.

    7. Mimosas 4 Ways


    8. Angel Hair With Shrimp and Asparagus

    9. Fava Bean Crostini With Pecorino and Mint

    Fava bean toasts with shaved cheese and mint.

    10. Vegan Bang Bang Broccoli

    11. Pork and Chive Dumplings

    Pork and chive steamed dumplings with soy sauce on the side.

    12. Mexican Papaya Salad

    Papaya salad with cucumbers, onion, cabbage, and cilantro.

    14. Roasted Chicken Thighs With Fennel and Lemon

    Chicken thighs with fennel.

    16. Scallop Risotto With Lemon and Sweet Peas

    Scallop and pea risotto.

    17. Chive Onion Pesto Pasta With Shrimp

    18. Grilled Peach and Burrata Salad

    19. Asparagus, Goat Cheese, and Chive Tart

    Asparagus and goat cheese tart with chives.

    20. Charred Salmon with Lemon Herb Couscous & Fava Beans

    Israeli couscous with salmon and fava beans.

    21. Pan-Fried Cod in Citrus Basil Butter Sauce

    Pan fried cod in citrus butter sauce.

    22. Thai Papaya Spring Rolls

    23. Spring Vegetable Brown Butter Gnocchi

    Gnocchi with peas, asparagus, and chives.

    24. Grilled Shrimp Rolls on Brioche Buns

    25. Teriyaki Beef Stir Fry

    Beef and broccoli stir fry with peppers and sesame seeds.

    26. Banh Mi Rice Bowl

    27. Fennel Pasta in Creamy Miso Sauce

    28. Homemade Cherry Pie Bars

    Cherry pie bars.

    29. Rhubarb Almond Cake

    30. No-Bake Spring Berry Pie

    Berry pie

    31. Blueberry Hand Pies

    32. Strawberry Chamomile Paloma

    33. Strawberry Blueberry Spring Sangria

    Spring sangria with berries.

    34. Blackberry Lemonade Mojito

    A glass of mojito with muddled blackberries.