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This Vegan Activist Covered A KFC Floor In Fake Blood, And Twitter Is Calling Her Entitled

She's been banned from every licensed pub in western Australia.

This is Tash Peterson, otherwise known as VganBooty, and she's an animal rights activist whose demonstrations are loud, in your face, and meant to spawn a reaction. "End the ANIMAL HOLOCAUST," her Instagram bio reads, and similar sentiments pepper each photo caption thereafter.

She's been seen protesting in public with members of her "vgan clan" while wearing lingerie and carrying signs that balance sayings like, "If you're against animal abuse, why are you buying it?" and "Eat pussy, not animals."

Recently, her antics have become more and more extreme. Peterson has carried a decapitated pig head through a butcher shop, carted a real frozen lamb through a grocery store, and has been banned from every licensed pub in western Australia.

Recently, Peterson's protests caught the attention of stateside internet users after her latest performance — pouring fake blood across the floor of a local KFC while blasting animal cries on a megaphone — went viral on Twitter. In less than 48 hours, the video has been viewed over 4.3 million times.

The entitlement to go to an establishment and not give a damn about the workers and the fact that they’re gonna be forced to clean up their little performance

Twitter: @astralislunar / Via Twitter: @astralislunar

And very few are cheering for her in the comments. Most, in fact, sympathize with the KFC workers who, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, are faced with someone pouring an unknown substance on their floor and frightening customers.

@ok_neya @astralislunar It’s disturbing for everyone.Imagine having to work at kfc IN A PANDEMIC and some fuck comes and pulls this dumb shit??That you have to clean up?If they have a problem why not go to big meat corporations?Instead of harassing ppl who arent vegan becuz not everyone wants to be one.

Twitter: @_iwannaRAVE / Via Twitter: @_iwannaRAVE

@astralislunar This is so rude omg. Imagine just going to work because you need the money to eat this week and then BOOM these nightmares walk in and cause you extra stress. Ignoring the root of the problem and taking it up with a bunch of ordinary people

Twitter: @MiragesImage / Via Twitter: @MiragesImage

@____anyway_____ This ain't veganism. Veganism requires respecting every living being on earth. This person has no respect for the minimum wage workers who have to clean this shit up. That does not coincide at all with the vegan philosophy.

Twitter: @drawedbernstein / Via Twitter: @drawedbernstein

According to Peterson, who later posted a follow-up video on her TikTok account to satiate condemning commenters, she and her crew later cleaned up the mess. "Firstly, we cleaned the mess up," Peterson captioned a photo of her crew cleaning. "Secondly, why are you more outraged by a mess on the floor when there are literally the bodies of murdered babies being sold behind the counter?"

However, video of the aftermath features two officers in the background who keep watch on the demonstrators' clean-up progress, which has led some to believe their consideration for KFC workers was actually compliance with the law.

@astralislunar @balmarbie Lol the police showed up so they had to clean it. They didn’t choose to they were told to.

Twitter: @Oxex_Raclir / Via Twitter: @Oxex_Raclir

The activist has yet to respond to these allegations, and BuzzFeed has reached out for comment. We will let you know if we hear back.