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    9 Very Doable Tips For Imparting Tons Of Flavor Into Anything You Cook, According To Tabitha Brown

    According to Tabitha, there's one seasoning that matters the most. (And no, it's not salt.)

    If you're somehow unfamiliar with the one-and-only Tabitha Brown — in which case I'm genuinely so thrilled about the joyful journey you're soon to embark on — she's pretty much the internet's most calming, comforting presence...who just so happens to be a totally gifted vegan cook.

    As a passionate cook myself who's followed her for years (ever since the TTLA...IYKYK), I'd argue that Tabitha's most impressive talent is her unique ability to convey just how undeniably delicious vegan food can be to her massive following, which is just shy of 5M on TikTok. To put it simply: "Bland" isn't a word in her vocabulary.

    Recently, I chatted with Tabitha about her tried-and-true tips for amping up the flavor of plant-based foods, and let me tell you...I learned a WHOLE lot. Here's the thing: some of these might be plant-specific, but all of these tips can seriously improve whatever you're cooking. In other words, get ready to take some notes. Let's dive in, shall we?

    1. If there's one seasoning you keep stocked in your pantry at all times, let it be garlic powder.

    2. To add a meaty chew and loads of umami to whatever you're cooking, look no further than mushrooms.

    3. For a decadently-creamy base for sauces and soups, cashews should be the first thing you reach for.

    Tabitha making cashew "cheese"

    4. But if you're allergic to nuts, Tabitha has some secrets for you, too.

    Tabitha eating a sweet potato drizzled with vegan "cheese"

    5. No matter what you're making, it's crucial to layer flavors and seasonings all throughout the cooking process — not just at the beginning or end.

    6. Don't be afraid of using meat replacement products in moderation.

    Tabitha holding up a package of meat-free, vegan sausage

    7. Get creative with the way you're utilizing plant-based ingredients, and you just might end up with a copycat dish that'll fool even the staunchest of carnivores.

    8. If you're allergic to the soy found in many vegan proteins, seek out alternative products that are 100% soy-free (and 100% delicious).

    Tabitha pointing to ingredients on a vegan product

    9. When cooking for non-vegans, make the dishes they already know and love — but with a plant-based twist that anyone could enjoy.

    Tabitha cutting into a jackfruit and showing the large seeds

    If you're vegan (or frequently cook plant-based meals), let us know your go-to cooking tips in the comments! And if Tabitha has inspired you to eat less meat, or ditch it entirely, we'd love to hear why. 🌱