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These Latinx Vegan Places Are Amazingly Good

"I will never lose touch with my roots. Every dish has a story behind it, re-creating meals vegan just adds a twist to it." —Lyana, owner of Black Rican Vegan

Whether you're going out to eat or cooking for yourself, combining vegan/plant-based food with bold Latinx flavors doesn't have to be a challenge.

BuzzFeed spoke to the following six establishments about what it means to provide Latinx vegan and plant-based versions of some of their favorite meals while keeping the culture present.

1. Lyana Blount, owner of Black Rican Vegan located in NYC.

Lyana Blount, owner of Black Rican Vegan wearing a pink suit smiling while she is looking back at the camera in a garden
Lyana Blount

When asked how it feels to be Latinx while providing vegan/plant-based meals to the community, Lyana said, "To be able to provide food to my community using recipes I’ve eaten with my family over the years and turning them vegan is an extreme blessing and something I feel that is making a huge impact on the way people eat. Losing meat doesn’t mean we need to lose culture. The seasoning, herbs, and love are still there and better that is guilt-free. I absolutely love what I do and what I am providing for others."

Lyana continued by saying she will never lose touch with her roots and that every dish "has a story behind it. Re-creating meals as vegan just adds a twist to it. I would also like to think that we are finding better ways to enjoy healthy eating."

Lyana told us she started Black Rican Vegan just for fun and was surprised at the amount of attention she received when everyone wanted to try her food. "In April, I made a menu and started taking orders and selling out as fast as five minutes. Today has marked five months in business with a following of 9K+."

Black Rican Vegan is available to order online here.

2. Alex, Steve, and Danny, owners of Vspot.

Alex, Steve & Danny, owners of Vspot smiling for the camera in front of their East Village location
Alex Cara

BuzzFeed spoke to Alex, who said, "For over a decade, we've been pushing our plant-based comfort food, but our main clientele was typically Caucasian or Afro-Caribbean."

"More recently, Latinos have caught on and it feels amazing to hear how much they enjoyed the familiar filling flavors they've missed since their diet change."

When it comes to how it's impacted his own life, Alex says when they first opened Vspot, located in NYC, he actually still ate meat.

Vspot is available for pickup and delivery at both 12 St Marks Pl, New York and 156 5th Ave, Brooklyn. To view their website, click here.

3. Blenlly (Owner) and Ana (Executive Chef) of Next Stop Vegan

Blenlly (Owner) and Ana (Executive Chef) smiling at their Next Stop Vegan location
@grr8jon / Via

Blenlly, who is the owner of Next Stop Vegan (located in the Bronx), says that "As a Bronx native, first-generation vegan Dominican, providing plant-based meals to myself and the community has been nothing but a positive journey. "

"Next Stop Vegan was founded with the intention to help our community eat healthier food without feeling deprived from the flavors and taste of their culture."

Blenlly says she is constantly inspired by how customers have decided to try vegan food or switch to a vegan diet entirely because of her food.

Next Stop Vegan is available to order for pickup at 1818 Archer St, The Bronx. To view their website, click here. To view their Instagram, click here.

4. Michelle Carrera, Founder of ChilisonWheels

Michelle Carrera smiling in the kitchen wile getting ready to prepare food
Michelle Carrera

Michelle says that while her community is varied [in terms of race/ethnicity], a large percentage is Latinx "so the food needs to reflect the cultural background of our population."

"Veganizing popular dishes, that I myself grew up eating, is a great way to keep the culture present while showcasing amazing Vegan food, and modeling to people that are not yet vegan that they too can keep those flavors and those memories alive while preparing food that is healthier for themselves, and the planet, and at a great price point!"

Michelle says that providing vegan food relief for the past six years has changed her life.

To visit Chilis on Wheels in person, you can find them:
• Fridays at Harlem's Marcus Garvey Park at 3 p.m.
• Saturdays: Tompkins Square Park (Ave B and 9th St) from 2–4 p.m. (for meal shares, open to the public).
• Sundays: Sunnyside, Queens at 2 p.m. in collaboration with Sunnyside Mutual Aid 47th Bliss Station.
Click here to follow them on Instagram.

5. Savage Sicko

Alex says that for him, he felt the community needed it and he also wanted to raise awareness about the extinction of sharks and pollution of the ocean.

Alex wants to help set a standard "for all businesses to start worrying about our animals and oceans and the earth in general instead of just making a profit."

To order for pick up, visit Savage Sicko at 37-10 31st Ave, Astoria, NY and click here to visit their Instagram page.

6. Alex and Priscilla, owners of the online vegan bodega No Carne

Both Alex and Priscilla felt that one great way to do their part was by opening a bodega that was entirely plant-based right in the Bronx.

"Once we really started getting out there, and people started coming to No Carne for their groceries, we started to understand the value we bring to others."

To order groceries in the New York and New Jersey area, click here.

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Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed