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    I Started Cutting Meat From My Diet Six Years Ago; Here's What I Wish I'd Known Beforehand

    It hasn't always been smooth sailing.

    Hi! I’m Evie, and I’ve been a pescatarian for six years now.

    Woman with plate of Indian food

    Here's what I wish I knew before making the leap.

    1. You'll get plenty of unsolicited opinions and judgments.

    2. It helps to have a reason why you’re not eating meat.

    3. That being said, don’t bring it up unless someone asks.

    4. No matter what, be true to yourself and extend the same courtesy to the people around you.

    5. It helps to have a few veggie-based meals that you like and know how to make.

    Dog looks at full plate of food

    6. And stock your freezer with a couple frozen meals for when you don't have it in you to cook.

    Pizza with herbs on top

    7. Dinner party invites can be the stuff of nightmares, but there are ways to make them less awkward.

    Table setting for a meal

    8. Be aware that some foods you always assumed were vegetarian actually aren’t.

    Hand holding pineapple-shaped gummy candy

    9. Plant-based proteins will be your savior, so get to know them well.

    10. And, to keep your carb cravings in check, make a point to incorporate protein into every meal.

    11. Even after years of not eating meat, it probably won’t be the end of the world if you have to eat some.

    12. Changing your diet will be harder if the people you’re living with are still eating meat.

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    13. If you’re going to a new restaurant, check out their menu in advance or suggest a spot that you know has veggie options.

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    14. Fake meat can be really, really good but don’t get too reliant on it.

    15. That being said, if you’re going to a potluck or large gathering, it’s usually better to keep your diet to yourself.

    16. Once you start cutting meat from your diet, you'll see there's tons of other things you could or should be doing.

    Are you thinking about adopting a vegetarian or pescatarian diet? Or have you kept one up for awhile now? Share your experiences, tips, or questions in the comments. 🌱