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    GYG Just Dropped A Vegan Filling And It Tastes So Much Like Meat I Don't Know Who To Trust

    Holy mother of plant-based goodness.

    When it comes to beloved Australian food franchises, GYG is always top of the list.

    yeah so i would die for guzman y gomez. goodnight

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    Yes, it's Mexican food and yes, we're obsessed with it.

    Which is why, when they announced they were dropping a new plant-based menu item in September, my interest was piqued.


    I may not be a vegan, but I do appreciate good food — and I'll be damned if I don't give every new GYG drop the love and time it deserves. 

    Which brings me to this deliciously titillating news — in collaboration with the plant-based wizards over at Fable, GYG has introduced a brand spankin’ new taco to their menu: Chimi shredded mushroom.


    And it's honestly incredible — I've never had a plant-based filling taste SO much like real meat? There's definitely some kind of culinary witchcraft going on here.   

    The launch marks GYG's first plant-based offering in three years — but oh man, has the wait been worth it! The mouthwatering shiitake mushrooms are seasoned with Guzman's authentic Mexican flavours and shredded into a moreish, protein-rich filling.

    While the filling is plant-based, it's important to note that it still shares a kitchen with non-plant-based products — so it might not be suitable for all vegan lifestyles. 

    You can try Guzman's new shredded mushroom filling across the entire lunch and dinner range — so catch me having to sample every meal as part of my "research expenses".