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    39 Tweets For Anyone Who Has Ever Tasted The Glory That Is Guzman Y Gomez

    "Do you think Guzman would give me a lifetime of free burritos if I got their logo tattooed? Because I’d do it."


    *me on death row* Guard: what do u want for your last meal? Me: Guzman y Gomez Guard: You can literally have any meal Me: extra chicken


    Three words. 17 letters. Say it. I’m yours #ubereats #guzmanygomez


    bec, kate & I watched the Simpsons over Guzmán y Gómez last night n I'm still riding that high. This is adulthood


    I only have two true friends. Guzman Y Gomez


    i can't be the only person that spends an unreasonable amount of time daydreaming about the corn chips and guac from guzman y gomez


    when you use your mum’s mobile number to claim another free burrito from guzman y gomez


    @Georgebackagain Guzman > other mexican take away joints? I truly think so


    customs officer: “anything to declare, sir?” me, hiding an entire Guzman y Gomez franchise under my shirt: “only my genius, haha”


    being FORCED to get mexican rather than a salad because i’m broke and have $10 credit on my guzman account... what a shame


    I’ll be like “i know a place” and take you to guzman y gomez for the 100th time


    You could say I’m into alternative medicine. If by alternative medicine you mean Guzman Y Gomez and Peep Show. The only things that soothe my soul.


    no dude YOU eat the rich... im chillen on this guzman y gomez free mini burrito for all first time app users


    How can I be expected to fall in love with men when Guzman Y Gomez exists?


    Hanging outside Guzman y Gomez asking customers if I can have a handful of their burrito


    my brother just described the guzman y gomez menu as “basically the big five of mexican food”


    Something i’ve learnt recently is that people who rate Zambrero’s higher than Guzman Y Gomez burritos are wrong and shouldn’t be trusted


    this dude just skated into guzman y gomez, filled up a huge empty Powerade bottle with the smokey chipotle sauce and skated back out. My absolute hero


    My financial savings plan is the free onion and salsa bar at Guzman Y Gomez.


    do you think guzman would give me a lifetime of free burritos if i got their logo tattooed because i’d do it


    I just want to find a man that looks at me the way I look at a burrito 😍😍 @ Guzman y Gomez (GYG)…


    hurt, upset, mystified that people are not aggressively more vocal about their love of guzman y gomez on twitter. have some respect for the kings of fast food.


    @rusinc_ I made this bad boy from a Guzman y Gomez too lid from a burrito bowl 😂


    The nearest Guzman Y Gomez is 15 minutes from my flat. Looks like I'll have to move somewhere closer


    The Lord really loves us because there's $5 burritos at Guzmán y Gómez this week. He knows we're living on an outreach budget. #ywamlife



    @jcwilling_ the real question is who do you stan more: guzman or gomez


    This is how you know you're back in Australia! @guzmanygomez


    i just want guzman y gomez so fucking bad SO FUCKING BAD I WILL BREAK EVERH BONE IN MY LEFT ARM FOR SOME GUZMAN Y GOMEZ RN


    Gonna sue Canberra Guzman Y Gomez if they dont accept my GYG loyalty card... Trade commerce and intercourse between the states ...shall be absolutely free - it's in the CONSTITUTION, jeez.


    The only problem with there being a Guzman Y Gomez so close to work is that when I walk out of the office in the arvo and there’s a breeze and I CAN SMELL IT AND ITS SO GOOD AAAAAA


    my guzman y gomez socks are truly what slaps


    Official Hot Chip Power Rankings 1. Guzman y Gomez 2. Belles Hot Chicken 3. Red Rooster 4. KFC 5. el Jannah 6. McDonalds 7. Hungry Jacks 8. Oporto


    This servo is also a Guzman y Gomez. The future is now.


    I wish it was 2012 and you could just take your date to Guzman y Gomez


    I have contacted the mighty Guzman y Gomez corporation to request that burritos be delivered by drone to my doorstep.


    How far into a relationship is it acceptable to ask for their Guzman y Gomez loyalty points?


    A hot server at Guzman y Gomez said hola to me & now I'm pregnant. Hopefully.


    My order at guzman y gomez was 5 mins late so they gave me free guac, chips and a drink. Highlight of the weekend tbqh


    Seeing five professional athletes eating Guzman y Gomez on a Friday night makes me feel a lot better about my dietary habits.