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    Tabitha Brown Just Launched Her Own Seasoning Mix, So Of Course, I Tried It On Everything

    'Cause that's my business.

    You know Tabitha Brown by now. ๐Ÿ‘‘

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    She's a TikTok superstar โ€” and an absolute queen โ€”ย  who is known for posting vegan homecooked meals to her nearly 5 millionย followers.ย 

    I'm a big Tabitha fan, despite not being vegan myself. Watching her videos makes me feel like I'm in the kitchen with a friend.

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    Her soothing voice really calms me after a long day โ€” and she's so much fun to watch and learn from.

    So when I recently saw that Tabitha was launching her own seasoning mix, I knew I wanted to try it.

    Tabitha's seasoning is described as a "salt-free, Caribbean-inspired blend with a bright, sunshine flavor." If you flip the bottle around, you'll see that ingredients include allspice, thyme, turmeric, cayenne pepper, mango, and pineapple.

    Fabiana Buontempo

    When I first took the cap off, I immediately smelled the ginger and garlic. Although I enjoy spicy food, I admittedly was also nervous that this seasoning would have too much of a kick for my liking.ย 

    The seasoning billed itself as "all-purpose" โ€” so I decided to try it on a handful of dishes I eat often throughout the week. I wanted to see if it would add that extra ~something.~

    TEST #1: My morning omelette โ€” which usually has eggs, spinach, tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese.

    The author cooking an omelet
    Fabiana Buontempo

    I only added a little sprinkle at first as I cooked the eggs in my pan, nervous that the spices would be too much on something as standard as eggs. But surprisingly, once I took a few bites of the eggs, I felt the need to add more, as the blend wasn't as spicy as I initially expected it to be.ย 

    Although I typically stick to salt and pepper in my eggs, I really enjoyed the combination of flavors in my omelette. I even had my mom take a bite to try it, and she loved it so much that she took the bottle and sprinkled on even more.ย 

    TEST #2: Avocado toast.

    The author eating avocado toast
    Fabiana Buontempo

    The spice mix was delicious sprinkled on a slice of avocado toast. The blend of garlic, ginger, mango, and pineapple gave it some savory-sweet complexity. The flavors really stood out when paired with the creamy avocado and crispy toast.ย 

    TEST #3: Veggies! I was curious to try the seasoning on a vegetable, so I tossed cauliflower and carrots in some olive oil and generously coated them with the seasoning.

    The author prepping veggies
    Fabiana Buontempo

    I roasted the tray of cauliflower in the oven to get it nice and crispy. Thirty minutes later, I could barely wait for it to cool off, as I grabbed a piece off the hot tray and nearly burned my tongue โ€” but it was worth it!

    The author roasting veggies
    Fabiana Buontempo

    The combination of ginger, garlic, and mango really stood out on the crispy vegetable. Of everything I tried this week, this was my favorite way to use the seasoning.

    TEST #4: Last but not least, I wanted to try at least one hearty, meat-based dish to test the "all-purpose" aspect and see how the seasoning would stand up. So I seasoned a whole chicken and (with help from my dad) placed it in a rotisserie to cook for an hour.

    A seasoned chicken
    Fabiana Buontempo

    While preparing the chicken, I made sure to be generous with the seasoning, since it was the only spice that I was using. Usually I like a combination of seasonings, but since this was an all-purpose one, I really wanted to taste all of the different flavors it offered, and I put full faith in it.ย 

    The seasoning on the cooked chicken had a subtle spicy-sweet taste โ€” but was still delicious. Despite being generous with the seasoning, I think it would've tasted even more flavorful if I'd marinated it overnight with Tabitha's seasoning. Either way, the flavoring reminded me of jerk chicken, a dish I love.

    Fabiana Buontempo

    It also deepened the nice golden-brown color on the outside of the chicken โ€” which is always a plus.

    Final thoughts: Tabitha's new seasoning is a versatile, savory-sweet mix that works well in several dishes, though you may have to add more than you think you need.

    Fabiana Buontempo

    Overall, I give it an 8/10. I found the blend of flavors โ€” the most dominant being ginger and pineapple, IMO โ€”ย  to be very versatile and tasty on just about anything you sprinkle it on.

    The only reason I took off a few points was because I was expecting the seasoning to have more of a kick. You definitely need a few shakes to taste all of the flavors, and I personally found the blend to lack a bit of a punch when I was light-handed with it. If you want to taste all of the flavors this blend offers, make sure to be generous with it.ย 

    Ingredient-wise, it's a salt-free spice โ€” meaning you might want to separately add and adjust your own. But as a point of comparison, I often use Mrs. Dash seasoning (also a salt-free spice), and that is one that I don't find bland at all, even with only a little used.

    Still, if you're a fan of Caribbean-style flavors, Tabitha's is worth trying.

    If you want to try it yourself, find Tabitha Brown's Sunshine seasoning on the McCormick website. It retails for $14.95 for a pack of two.

    What's your favorite flavor booster or seasoning spice? Share in the comments!