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17 Latinx-Inspired Vegan Recipes That Are Absolutely Worth Trying

If you're looking for something new to try, these veganized versions of classic dishes by Latinx creators are a great place to start.

Plant-Based Recipes for Latinx Heritage Month

1. Tinga Tostadas

An orange plate with two tingas garnished with avocado and radish

2. Jackfruit Frita Quesadillas

A pile of quesadillas cut into parts

3. Vegan Huevo con Tortilla (aka Migas)

A plate with scrambled tofu and tortilla chips next to refried beans

4. Vegan Jibarito Sandwich

A sandwich made with jackfruit and plantains with its ingredients spilling out

5. Esquites

A cup of corn and cojioto cheese with a lime next to it

6. Vegan Sancocho

7. Vegan Pastelón

A square of lasagna made with Beyond Burger, cheese, and plantains

8. Enfrijoladas

Black bean puree with tortillas, tomatoes, and avocados on top of it

9. Vegan Arroz con Pollo

A pot of rice, corn, carrots, and jackfruit

10. Vegan Bacalao a la Vizcaína

A holiday dish holding a mix of olives, peppers, and vegetables

11. Pineapple Cucumber Agua Fresca

12. Puerto Rican Habichuelas Guisadas

13. Nopales Tiernos

Plate of green grilled cactus strips

14. Vegan Pernil

A shot of jackfruit chunks on a white plate

15. Sopa de Fideo

16. Ceviche

Bowl of chopped fresh vegetables

17. Passion Fruit Coconut Nicuatole

A flan with a layer of gold and a layer of white

18. The Best Vegan Concha

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