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    The Best Vegan Grocery Store Finds I Tried In 2021

    According to me. And my stomach.

    It's 2021, and the number of vegan foods you can buy at your local grocer has truly exploded this year.

    1. Just Egg Folded

    A box with a folded egg on a piece of toast

    2. Like Nuggets

    A box showing a bowl of chicken nuggets inside

    3. Sea Salt Cauliflower Chips by From the Ground Up

    A yellow bag of chips

    4. Partake Cookies

    5. Beyond Meatballs

    A package of 12 meatballs with a label in the middle

    6. Joi Oat Milk Powder

    One package of organic, gluten-free Joi Oat Milk Powder with a small sample of the powder on the side

    7. Lily Seed Pops by Eat Makhana

    A blue bag with a lily flower on it and two cartoon girls

    8. Uncut Burgers

    9. Squeezable Tahini by Mighty Sesame Co.

    A table with hummus, chickpeas, and a bottle of tahini on it

    10. Love, Corn

    A blue bag that says "love, corn" in big yellow letters

    11. Banza Chickpea Pizza Crusts

    An orange pizza box with a big image of what the pizza crust looks like inside

    12. Impossible Burger Grounds

    A package of impossible meat over a turquoise background

    13. Pipcorn Corn Dippers

    A bag of corn chips with chips all over the sides

    14. Miyoko's Roadhouse Cheddar Cheese

    A circular can of cheddar with a wooden pattern on it

    15. Biena Chickpea Puffs

    A turquoise bag that says "grain free chickpea puffs" on it

    16. No Doh Mozzarella-Style Sticks

    A bag showing a half-eaten mozzarella stick about to be dipped in tomato sauce

    17. Hoplark Water

    Three cans of hops water in green, turquoise, and yellow

    18. Strong Roots Cauliflower Hash Browns

    A purple and white bag of hash browns

    Have you come across any awesome vegan finds in the grocery store this year? Let me know in the comments.