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    100 Vegan Easy Weeknight Recipes For Nights When You Just Don't Know What To Make

    Eating a plant-based dinner doesn't have to be complicated.

    waffles, stuffed peppers, fried rice, quesadillas, burger, and a salad with herb-crusted tofu
    Kathy Hoang / BuzzFeed

    Whether you're new to plant-based cooking or are just looking for some easy-to-make, relatively inexpensive recipes to diversify your dinner options, these 100 recipes are sure to spark some inspiration. Take a look, and let us know what your favorite go-to vegan recipes are in the comments below!

    1. Easy Vegan Chili

    From My Bowl / Via

    This recipe for vegan chili is simple to throw together and the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

    2. 30-Minute Vegan Alfredo

    Minimalist Baker / Via

    This alfredo recipe includes green peas (which can be omitted if you happen to hate peas).

    3. Vegan BLT Sandwich

    Simple Vegan Blog / Via

    Seven ingredients, five minutes to make. Yum! Get the recipe here.

    4. Super Simple Vegan Burrito Bowl

    Veggie Inspired / Via

    It takes less than 20 minutes to make this awesome recipe for a burrito bowl and accompanying creamy avocado dressing.

    5. Instant Pot Tacos

    A Couple Cooks / Via

    This recipe uses rice and lentils for a smoky tasting taco filling, and can easily be reheated for leftovers.

    6. Easy Vegan Fried Rice

    Minimalist Baker / Via, Via

    Save yourself from another order of take-out and learn how to make fried rice at home with this recipe.

    7. Baked Ziti with Cashew Cheese

    Nora Cooks / Via, Via

    Veganizing baked ziti is so easy, you really can't mess it up. Promise. Try this recipe and see for yourself!

    8. 15-Minute Garlic Lime Cashew Zoodles

    Salt and Lavender / Via

    If you have a spirializer, this recipe will come together in 15 minutes. If you don't, grab some pre-spiraled zoodles in the store and I bet you can make it even faster!

    9. Loaded Veggie Quesadillas

    Domestic Gothess / Via

    This recipe is another vegan staple that you can whip up quickly with whatever you have in the fridge.

    10. Easy Vegan Falafel

    Minimalist Baker / Via, Via

    Learn how to make this vegan staple at home with this recipe.

    11. Vegan Stuffed Shells

    Simple Vegan Blog / Via

    One dollop of vegan tofu ricotta per shell, a little tomato sauce, and viola! Get the recipe here.

    12. Quinoa Taco Salad

    Contentedness Cooking / Via

    Perfect for cold nights and leftover lunches. Get the recipe here.

    13. Vegan Shepherd's Pie

    Ela Vegan / Via

    This particular Shephed's Pie recipe happens to be gluten-free, too.

    14. Easy Turmeric Chickpea Salad Sandwich

    The Crunchy Chronicles / Via

    Perfect for packed lunches. Get the recipe here.

    15. Green Pesto Pizza

    Edible Perspective / Via

    This gluten-free recipe is super savory and can be customized with any vegetables you want. Get the recipe here.

    16. Quick and Easy Vegan Ramen

    Choosing Chia / Via

    This recipe is perfect for a fall evening and comes together in less than 30 minutes.

    17. Easy Vegetable Teriyaki Stir Fry

    Hummusapien / Via

    Break out your skillet for this vegetarian staple. Get the recipe here.

    Eating Bird Food / Via

    Isn't this just the most drooly-worthy savory bowl? Get the recipe here.

    19. Vegan Chow Mein

    Food With Feeling / Via, Via

    Pro tip: use ramen noodles packets that you might already have in your kitchen for a convenient and easy meal. Get the recipe here.

    20. Avocado Pesto Grilled Cheese

    Nadia's Healthy Kitchen / Via

    Why have a plain, ~regular~ grilled cheese when it could be loaded with greens and avocado, like in this recipe?

    21. Chickpea Flour Omelette Muffins

    Ex Sloth / Via

    How adorable are these teeny-tiny mini quiches?! Get the recipe here.

    22. Penne Pasta Salad

    Minimalist Baker / Via

    This simple dish comes together in less than thirty minutes. Get the recipe here.

    23. Instant Pot Spaghetti

    Nora Cooks / Via

    Yeah, sure, spaghetti is easy to make, but why not make it even easier in an Instant Pot?

    24. Super Simple Vegan Mac and Cheese

    Fit Foodie Finds / Via

    You'll need a blender or food processor to make the sauce, but if you can handle that, this recipe will take care of all the rest. Easy!

    25. Instant Pot Vegan Drunken Noodles

    Cook With Manali / Via

    Even better than how it looks, this savory recipe comes together in less than twenty minutes and can be used with the veggies you have leftover in the freezer.

    26. Instant Pot Lasagna Soup

    Vegan Richa / Via

    This recipe is part lasagna, part soup โ€” how can you go wrong? Serve with bread and enjoy the coziest winter meal you can imagine.

    27. Cheesy Broccoli Rice Casserole

    Catching Seeds / Via

    This savory favorite takes 15 minutes to prep, and 15 minutes to cook. 30 minutes and you're finished with this recipe!

    28. Easy Lentil Meatballs

    Minimalist Baker / Via

    This super-easy recipe basically calls for blending all ingredients in a food processor, molding them into balls, and then baking. Easy-peasy!

    29. Green Goddess Broccoli Soup

    The Girl on the Bloor / Via

    This bright green soup is the perfect comfort food (that's good for you, too). Get the recipe here.

    30. Easy Vegan Quiche

    Vegan Huggs / Via

    This recipe for vegan quiche replaces eggs with tofu and is a great way to use up any vegetables you may have in your kitchen.

    31. 3 Ingredient Vegan Gnocchi

    You can't really beat a recipe with only three ingredients, can you? Hope you have russet potatoes and kamut flour at the ready for this one.

    32. Teriyaki Noodle Stir Fry

    Wife Mama Foodie / Via

    Make sure to to use agave or coconut nectar instead of honey in this recipe to keep it vegan โ€” or cut it altogether!

    33. Easy Vegan Fried Rice

    Minimalist Baker / Via

    You can prep this recipe in 15 minutes time, and it takes only a handful of ingredients.

    34. One Pot Mushroom Stroganoff

    From My Bowl / Via

    This lighter twist on a classic recipe is both quick to prep (5 minutes!) and can be made in just one pan.

    Crowded Kitchen / Via

    This recipe is full of deliciousness like rice noodles, cabbage, peanuts, avocado, mangoes, carrots, radishes, and more! Get the recipe here.

    36. Pasta Primavera

    Foodie Crush / Via

    Believe it or not, this meal is made from one-pot only. Get the recipe here.

    37. Vegan Enchiladas

    Food With Feeling / Via, Via

    This is one of my favorite recipes to make for dinners. It comes together pretty quickly and is always a crowd-pleaser! Get the recipe here.

    Brown Sugar and Vanilla / Via

    This recipe for pot pie soup has all the flavor of your average pot pie, but it's made in half the time. Get the recipe here.

    Veggies Don't Bite / Via

    A super easy, veggie-packed recipe that comes together in a snap.

    40. 20-Minute Vegan Coconut Curry Soup

    Veggies Don't Bite / Via

    This sweet-and-savory recipe for coconut curry soup comes together quickly and is totally satisfying. (It's pretty, too!)

    41. Easy Veggie Vegan Pizza

    Vegan Richa / Via

    A recipe for pizza that comes together in 20 minutes? Yep, I'm there. If you must have cheese on your pizza, follow all of the instructions and add some shredded cheese before you pop it into the oven.

    42. Vegan Corn Chowder

    Nora Cooks / Via

    If you have either fresh or frozen corn, you can make this recipe with ease. Get the recipe here.

    43. Chipotle Brown Rice Bake

    Vegan Yack Attack / Via

    If you're looking for a casserole that's easy to make and only takes 10 minutes of prep time, try this recipe for a brown rice bake.

    44. Nutty Green Veggie Crunch Salad

    Blissful Basil / Via

    This recipe uses cucumbers as the base for a cool, crunchy vegetable salad. Get the recipe here.

    Yup It's Vegan / Via

    This recipe is made using only one skillet, so you won't have to worry about cleaning a bunch of dishes this time!

    46. Vegan Chicken Nuggets

    Close-up on chicken nuggets and a side of ketchup.
    Connoiseurus Veg / Via

    I guarantee you'll see smiles all around when you serve this recipe for faux chicken nuggets.

    47. Vegan Shepherd's Pie

    A Couple Cooks / Via

    This savory recipe features a layer of fluffy, crusty potatoes on top and savory vegetables on the bottom โ€” so it's pretty much what I see in my dreams at night.

    48. Crispy Cauliflower Tacos

    A Couple Cooks / Via

    Crispy, crunchy cauliflower pieces and a yummy spicy chipotle sauce make these tacos the perfect meal. Get the recipe here.

    49. Crispy Baked Buffalo Tofu Wings

    The Curious Chickpea / Via

    Turn a block of tofu into spicy, tasty Buffalo wings with this recipe. Serve over salad or with fries or another side dish. Get the recipe here.

    50. Easy Vegan Waffles

    Richa Hingle / Via

    Everyone needs a go-to waffles recipe, and this one can be made in only one bowl.

    51. White Bean and Tomato Polenta Casserole

    Connoisseurus Veg / Via

    If you have some extra beans and polenta on hand, may I recommend this tasty recipe for polenta casserole?

    52. Easy Vegan Pineapple Fried Rice

    Vegan Huggs / Via

    Pretend like you're going out for Chinese food (instead of eating at home...again) with this recipe for pineapple fried rice.

    53. Vegan Bombay Potatoes and Peas

    Vegan Richa / Via

    If you have potatoes on hand, you can whip up this recipe in less than 30 minutes.

    Veggie Chick / Via

    This recipe for curried peas and lentils is delicious on its own or served over grains like quinoa, rice, or barley.

    55. Easy Vegan Baked Ziti

    The Curious Chickpea / Via

    What's better than baked ziti? Not much, in my opinion. Excite your family (or roommates) with this easy-to-make recipe that looks much harder to make than it actually is.

    56. Vegan Tomato Soup

    Loving It Vegan / Via

    You'll be surprised at how rich and creamy this recipe is when you make it at home for yourself.

    57. Santa Fe Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

    Vegan Huggs / Via

    This recipe for quinoa-stuffed peppers has a gorgeous presentation and is super filling. (I would know โ€” we have this at least once a week for dinner in my house!)

    58. Instant Pot Vegan Chicken And Dumplings

    Healthier Steps / Via

    Soy curls and handmade dumplings make this deliciously cozy Instant Pot recipe unique and will keep you coming back for more.

    59. Creamy Vegan Garlic Mushroom Brown Rice

    Amy Le Creations / Via

    This recipe calls for ingredients you almost definitely have in your house already, including frozen peas.

    60. Quick and Easy Pasta with "Meat" Sauce

    Produce on Parade / Via

    Perfect for a weeknight dinner, this recipe comes together quickly and will please a crowd. Get the recipe here.

    61. Easy Vegan Dirty Rice

    Strength and Sunshine / Via

    This recipe uses jackfruit in the "dirty rice," which helps to make this dish a complete meal.

    Half Baked Harvest / Via

    When it starts getting cold outside there's nothing better than a stew. This recipe uses rice, chickpeas, and a blend of Persian herbs to make a delicious, warm meal.

    63. Roasted Radish Lemony Chickpea Pasta

    Cotter Crunch / Via

    If you haven't yet roasted radishes, give it a try for this chickpea pasta recipe.

    64. Air Fried Buffalo Tofu

    Not That Kind Of Vegan / Via

    Prepare these for the next time you have a crew of friends coming over for a watch party to impress your guests. Get the recipe here.

    65. Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

    Nora Cooks / Via

    Bring these tasty bad boys to your next football viewing party. All it takes is some cauliflower and a recipe.

    66. Savory Vegan Stuffed Butternut Squash

    Emilie Eats / Via

    This recipe for stuffed butternut squash is the perfect main dish in a fall dinner setting: they're pretty, they're savory, and they're pretty darn nutritious.

    67. Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Polenta

    Naturally Ella / Via

    This recipe for roasted shallots and brussels sprouts over polenta make a perfectly cozy warm bowl.

    68. Vegan Breakfast Burritos

    Ela Vegan / Via

    Breakfast burritos are a beautiful thing, and you can easily make them vegan with the substitutes in this recipe. Go crazy!

    69. Black Bean Plantain Enchilada Bake