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Viola Davis

Gina Gershon in "Bound"

Hollywood Has Truly Nailed How Women Have Sex In Movies/TV Shows, And Here Are 11 Stories From Actors To Prove It

"It was two friends working with an intimacy coordinator and French-kissing a bunch. I remember on the set of [A League of Their Own] being like: 'Wow, we've kissed every day this week — that's what we do now. We just touch boobs and kiss.'" —D'Arcy Carden on filming with Abbi Jacobson.

A Voter For The 2023 Oscars Said That "Viola Davis And The Lady Director" Need To "Shut Up" After "Woman King" Was Snubbed, And It Shows How Messed Up This Whole Process Is

The anonymous actor said, "When they get in trouble for not giving Viola Davis an award, it's like, no, sweetheart, you didn't deserve it. We voted, and we voted for the five we thought were best." He later admitted to not even seeing Woman King.

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