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    TikTokers Have Been Making Videos "Walking Like Annalise Keating," And Viola Davis Had Things To Say

    "I see y'all. 👀 "

    The year is 2014 — I'm a sophomore in college, sitting in my dorm room, as me and my roommates watch the iconic series premiere of How to Get Away with Murder:

    Any fan of the series knows that Annalise Keating is an ICON.

    However, Gen-Z has gotten wind of HTGAWM and have only clued in on one thing: AK's walk.

    Like, it's all with love, but it's still hilarious: 

    HOWEVER! It all came to a head when Viola Davis acknowledged that she knows what y'all are doing on the internet!

    I see y'all 👀🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤ #AnnaliseKeating #HTGAWM

    Twitter: @violadavis

    "'Cause I know y'all talk about me walking around in my heels, and that's a lil' fucked up of y'all...[laughs]"

    Viola Davis addressing the audience

    Live footage of me watching this video:

    Anyway, Viola knows what y'all are doing, but she finds it funny, so you're not gonna be on the receiving end of Annalise's wrath.