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    Viola Davis Said She's Going To Do "The Best" She Can Playing Michelle Obama In "First Ladies,” And I’m So Excited For It

    "The woman is a damn goddess."

    Viola Davis is set to play Michelle Obama in Showtime’s upcoming series, First Ladies.

    In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor joked that she must have been out of her mind when she accepted that role.

    "I lost my damn mind for about five minutes, and I made a decision I can't take back," she said. "The woman is a damn goddess. Everybody knows her, everybody feels like they want to protect her. Here's the thing: I'm just going to do the best I can."

    Viola said that she spoke to Michelle “for several hours” after she learned that she got the role — and it was very “terrifying.”

    “Here's the thing,” she explained. “Sometimes someone doesn't live up to whatever image you have of them in your head. But when they do live up to the image, it's quite frightening."

    "She's that cool,” Viola added.

    First Ladies will share the personal and political lives of some of the most iconic women in the White House.

    Some other stars who have been cast in the series are Gillian Anderson, who will play Eleanor Roosevelt, and Michelle Pfeiffer, who’ll portray Betty Ford.

    With such an amazing cast, First Ladies is sure to be a hit! You can see the rest of Viola's interview below:

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