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The 50 Best Film Performances Of 2022

We're going to need enough Oscars....TO FILL THE NILE!

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2022 is done and all of the movies have been released. And that means that the Oscars are right around the corner!

And that means that in a few days, there will be 20 new acting nominees vying for those four coveted statuettes.

And so to help the Academy, I've compiled a whole list of incredible performances from 2022 that are worthy of an Oscar. I've watched a TON of movies this year, so there was a lot of competition, but these are my faves.

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So let's get to it!

Best Lead Performances:

1. Antonio Banderas — Felix Rivero (Official Competition)

Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz stand on a red carpet

2. Bella Ramsey — Birdy (Catherine, Called Birdy)

Bella Ramsey stands with a bird

3. Bill Nighy — Mr. Williams (Living)

Bill Nighy stands in the street with a hat on

4. Camila Mendes — Drea (Do Revenge)

Camila Mendes holds Maya Hawke's head in her hands

5. Cate Blanchett — Lydia Tár (TÁR)

Cate Blanchett waves a baton

6. Colin Farrell — Padriac Suilleabhain (The Banshees of Inisherin)

Colin Farrell sits talking to Brendan Gleeson by the sea

7. Dale Dickey — Faye (A Love Song)

Dale Dickey stands by a trailer

8. Danielle Deadwyler — Mamie Till-Mobley (Till)

Danielle Deadwyler speaks before some microphones

9. Daryl McCormack — Leo Grande (Good Luck to You, Leo Grande)

Daryl McCormack sits on a couch

10. Donald Elise Watkins — Kunle (Emergency)

Donald Elise Watkins drives RJ Cyler

11. Emma Thompson — Nancy Stokes (Good Luck to You, Leo Grande)

Emma Thompson sits on a bed

12. Felix Kammerer — Paul Baumer (All Quiet on the Western Front)

Felix Kammerer stands with other soldiers

13. Frankie Corio — Sophie Paterson (Aftersun)

Frankie Corio talks on the phone

14. Jennifer Lawrence — Lynsey (Causeway)

Jennifer Lawrence rides on a bus

15. Jenny Slate — Marcel (Marcel the Shell with Shoes On)

A shell stands on a map

16. John Cho — Max Park (Don't Make Me Go)

John Cho looks through a doorway

17. Julia Roberts — Georgia Cotton (Ticket to Paradise)

Julia Roberts and George Clooney get off a boat

18. Lesley Manville — Ada Harris (Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris)

Lesley Manville leans against a railing

19. Margot Robbie — Nellie LaRoy (Babylon)

Margot Robbie dances

20. Michelle Yeoh — Evelyn Wang (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

Michelle Yeoh with a googly eye on her head

21. Olivia Colman — Hilary Small (Empire of Light)

Olivia Colman sit in a ticket booth

22. Park Hae-il — Detective Jang Hae-jun (Decision to Leave)

Park Hae-il stands outside

23. Paul Mescal — Calum Paterson (Aftersun)

Paul Mescal in an airport with his backpack on

24. Tilda Swinton — Julia Hart & Rosalind Hart (The Eternal Daughter)

Tilda Swinton lies in her bed

25. Viola Davis — Nanisca (The Woman King)

Viola Davis stands in a field

Best Supporting Performances:

26. Aimee Lou Wood — Miss Harris (Living)

Aimee Lou Wood looks over a pile of papers

27. Angela Bassett — Queen Ramonda (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

Angela Bassett walks in a procession in all white

28. Bad Bunny — The Wolf (Bullet Train)

Bad Bunny holds knife on a train

29. Barry Keoghan — Dominic Kearney (The Banshees of Inisherin)

Barry Keoghan stands in a field

30. Brian Tyree Henry — James Aucoin (Causeway)

Brian Tyree Henry sits at a table

31. Carey Mulligan — Megan Twohey (She Said)

Carey Mulligan talks on the phone

32. Da'Vine Joy Randolph — Pooh (On the Come Up)

Da'Vine Joy Randolph and Jamila Gray stand together in a crowd

33. Dolly De Leon — Abigail (Triangle of Sadness)

Charlbi Dean, Dolly De Leon, and Vicki Berlin stand in the jungle

34. Gal Gadot — Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle (Death on the Nile)

Gal Gadot walks through a bar

35. Guslagie Malanda — Laurence Coly (Saint Omer)

Guslagie Malanda stands on trial

36. Gustav De Waele — Remi (Close)

Gustav De Waele sits against a wall

37. Hong Chau — Liz (The Whale)

Hong Chau sits on a porch

38. Jamie Lee Curtis — Deirdre Beaudeirdre (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

Jamie Lee Curtis sits in a cubicle

39. Janelle Monae — Helen Brand & Andi Brand (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery)

Janelle Monae holds a water bottle

40. Janet McTeer — Lillian Bloom (The Menu)

Reed Birney, Paul Adelstein, and Janet McTeer stand in a restaurant

41. Kate Hudson — Birdie Jay (Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery)

Kate Hudson screams

42. Ke Huy Quan — Waymond Wang (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

Ke Huy Quan smokes a cigarette

43. Keke Palmer — Em Haywood (Nope)

Keke Palmer stands in an amusement park

44. Kerry Condon — Siobhan Suilleabhain (The Banshees of Inisherin)

Kerry Condon sits on a boat

45. Nina Hoss — Sharon Goodnow (TÁR)

Nina Hoss stands in a concert hall with Noemie Merlant and Cate Blanchett

46. Pedro Pascal — Javi Gutierrez (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent)

Pedro Pascal stands on a dock

47. Rachel Sennott — Alice (Bodies Bodies Bodies)

Rachel Sennott lays on the floor wearing glow in the dark necklaces

48. Sally Field — Marilyn Cowan (Spoiler Alert)

Sally Field and Jim Parsons stand on a road

49. Stephanie Hsu — Joy Wang (Everything Everywhere All at Once)

Stephanie Hsu walks in confetti and an Elvis outfit

50. Matt Rogers & Tomas Matos — Luke & Keegan (Fire Island)

Matt Rogers and Tomas Matos have their hands on Zane Phillips
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