Listen: From “Love, Victor” To “Loki” This Is What You Cannot Miss On Streaming This Summer

    “I think that’s our favorite thing. We love when Loki’s being reprimanded. Because it becomes—how is he going to lie and get out of it?”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We’re heading into a big holiday weekend. Some of us might have plans to see friends or family--but some of us may be using the extra time off to decompress and catch up on some TV. And you know what--that’s okay. No judgment here. In fact, we encourage it.

    Today we talked to BuzzFeed TV Editor Nora Dominick about everything we’re looking forward to watching this summer.

    2. A privacy tech worker gives us a rude awakening about targeted ads.

    3. People are calling out "normal" parenting tactics that are actually toxic, and it's REALLY important.

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