Listen: Beyonce Made Grammy History Last Night—But The Academy Still Owes Her

    “So much of her music is for the Black community, for Black women. The fact that she’s only ever received a single major award is kind of a layered snub.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. We have many opinions about last night’s Grammy Awards, and surprisingly enough, one of them was that they were actually kind of good.

    It was a big night for women, who took home wins in all the major categories. Taylor Swift made history as the first woman to win “Album Of The Year” three times. While Beyonce took home her 28th win--making her the most honored performer in Grammy history.

    While this is a very deserved honor, we still don’t think it’s enough. Of those 28 wins, only one is in a major category (her 2010 “Song of the Year” win for “Single Ladies). Even Adele agreed with us about her Lemonade Album of the Year snub.

    Today BuzzFeed’s Shyla Watson joined us to break down all the Beyonce drama, as well as share her take on Billie Eilish’s acceptance speech.

    2. The Oscar nominations dropped today and there’s so much to get through.

    3. A-Rod and J-Lo have maybe, possibly split??

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