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    Listen: Eboni K Williams, RHONY’s First Black Housewife, Wants To Change The Franchise Forever

    “I’m a sucker for an opportunity to change the narrative, and disrupt space. As a huge housewives fan, and a RHONY fan in particular, this felt like an opportunity to change the game.”

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    On today's episode:

    1. Eboni K. Williams will become the Real Housewives of New York’s first Black cast member when the new season debuts next week.

    She joined BuzzFeed Daily to breakdown on what we can expect from her this season on the show, as well as on her podcast: Holding Court.

    Listen to hear Williams explain how the Black Lives Matter movement will be addressed this season, how she picked out her tagline, and which housewife she texts every single day.

    2. T-Pain is just as bad at social media as the rest of us.

    losing it at this TikTok T-Pain put up about how he accidentally ignored a ton of celebrities messaging him on Instagram lmaooooo anxiety is real and stars they’re just like us

    Twitter: @runwithskizzers

    3. We need to talk about all the lies we were told in school that we believed way too long.

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