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UK Black History Month

UK Black History Month

“I think you look amazing! Aaliyah would approve.”

Where would we be without icons like Penny, Will, and Kel?

“Being able to have a week where we come together and share the language, the banter, and the culture is amazing for those that are born here.”

"We want people to be touched with the message of gospel, the positive things of love, joy and hope, redemption, reconciliation and forgiveness."

“Y’all the hijabi musketeers.”

A creative clapback where everybody is welcome.

“I try to write fiction that’s rooted in reality and the reality is even scarier than anything that I could write.”

"Loooooool you know how scared you've got to be to dance and shadow fight."

The year is 2023. My bantu knots are still wet.

“I’m getting to play black Santa,” says Ric Lewis, who was named Britain’s most powerful black person earlier this week.

Do these actors prefer their beans on toast or beans at a BBQ?

The satirical advert makes a critique on the trend of white people calling the police on black people who are simply minding their business.

These cartoons need to be made ASAP.

Prepare to be blown away.

Invite a little bit more culture into your life and familiarise yourself with some authentic black British content for Black History Month.

"I felt as if we were an ignored part of black history."

"The best news I’ve heard in 2018."

"We need more wedding capes."

What to read, play, and watch this Black History Month.

Can you recognise these stars before they were stars?

"What a time to be alive."

Don't be fooled, looks can be deceiving.

"You out here showing up for complete strangers while my friends flake on me."

“It’s a time for black British women to just be. There’s so much healing in that.”

Who would be the perfect Plastics?

What to read, play, and watch.

Every day is a great hair day with these ladies ✨

Right, so I think I'm low porosity.

When is she ever not?

How many different types of Eco Styler do you own?

No one else could wear a giant trash bag to the MTV VMAs and look this cool.

Summer = braids season.

Would you rather use petroleum jelly as leave-in, or draw your edges on with a black marker?

You're not alone.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied has done what the trolls have been longing for and left Australia. She talks to BuzzFeed News about finding acceptance and solidarity in Britain and why she'll never choose the easy option of keeping quiet.

Because representation matters.

"Nothing is going to stop us from coming together and celebrating our Somaliness."

Issa wig!


Black. Muslim. Excellence.

“It might be a ‘trend’, but we’re not going anywhere.”

Homegrown talent.

“I was in the queue for one hour ... and I would queue again," said one attendee.

So much inspo.

Brenda, how many times are you gonna part that one tuft of hair?!

For us, by us.

“Day to day is constantly painful – I get chronic pains. Some days it’s light but it’s always there.”

What to read, play, and watch this Black History Month.

The dog? The autumn leaves? Or no filter at all?

A journalist apparently responsible for the reporting in the piece has also distanced herself from it.

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