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People Love This Guy Who Made Matching Accessories For His Dog

"I treat him like my son."

This is 19-year-old Blair Simon, a student from Houston. On the right is Simon's best friend, Hershie.

"I've had him for seven years now," Simon told BuzzFeed News. Describing his little doggy, he said: "He is really chilled and very cool. He doesn't really run around that much. I mean, when he sees someone he does, but he is usually chilled. He loves to lay down next to me."

Simon said Hershie is his "joy", adding: "That's my son. I treat him like my son."

"Sometimes I'll be thinking about him, whatever I do to myself, I'll do to him," he said. "So if I get a sweater, I'll do my best and try to find him a similar sweater."

So it was only right that Simon got them both matching durags.

Simon tweeted about the wholesome bonding experience and his tweet blew up. It got over 388,000 likes and more than 124,000 retweets.

Simon said he was in disbelief over how many people have shared his tweet. "I can't believe it. It's such a random tweet. I wasn't expecting this at all."

"Hershie is my best friend," he continued. "If you know me, you'll know my dog is my twin. He even look like me sometimes."

Of course, people are really, really loving the coordinated looks.

They think it's super cute.

Many lovely messages were shared.

Simon received many marriage proposals.

Someone wanted to know how Hershie's waves were laying under the durag. "He's got a little pattern going on," Simon said.