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18 Images Of Power's Omari Hardwick That Might Get You Pregnant

Quench your thirst.

Omari Hardwick aka Ghost from Power, his Action Man body under those bespoke suits, and his perfectly groomed face will soon grace our screens again and the excitement is real.

We care about you, so here's a little something to quench your thirst while you wait for season five of Power.

You're welcome.

1. His smile. The best thing to grace Netflix. Don't @ me.

2. His body. Well…

3. And this one...

4. Like, he makes you feel ~things~.

5. Especially during ~those~ scenes.

6. Can we talk about his eyelashes too, please?

7. And the way he wears a suit.

8. Like, any suit.

9. Damn, zaddy!

10. It's still a go when he's dressed down tbh.

11. Even when he's angry he can get it.

12. He holds the title for the sexiest TV dad. Period.

13. The way he looks at Angela.

14. His bromance with Tommy is a thing of beauty too.

15. One time for his thirst trap pictures on Instagram.

16. Oh, you thought I was finished?

17. When your man asks who you're cheating on him with...

18. And with that, I'm done.

The withdrawals are real. Hurry up, season five!