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29 Times Tracee Ellis Ross Proved To Be Ultimate Style Goals

When is she ever not?

Tracee Ellis Ross is many things. Actress, comedian, director, and model — and obviously, who can forget that her mother is none other than THE Diana Ross.

1. When she proved that wearing all one colour is a look.

2. When she paired her dungarees with heeled boots and a bright, yellow bag.

3. When she went for this fitted snakeskin dress.

4. When she wore this French-inspired outfit.

5. When she wore this dress to the Met Gala.

6. When she paired this pink outfit with a leather jacket.

7. When she proved that colour-blocking is still very much in.

8. When she looked casual yet chic.

9. When she went for a less obvious choice and paired these heeled boots with this floral dress.

10. When she went full-velvet for this evening outfit.

11. When she spiced up an all-black outfit with this leather netted skirt.

12. When she proved that sometimes simplicity is best.

13. When she paired this off-the-shoulder top with red shoes and red lips.

14. When she paired this simple white tee with this embellished green pencil skirt.

15. When she wore this red leather dress with a twist.

16. When she opted for this simple, tonal outfit.

17. When she showed us that big hats are amazing.

18. When she looked good and sent out a positive message.

19. When she paired this black dress with white heels and red lipstick.

20. When she wore this dress to the Emmys.

21. When she used a belt to cinch in this suit.

22. When she went double-denim.

23. When she wore this dress and flawlessly mixed materials.

24. When she wore this cut-out peplum midi-dress.

25. When she went casual and cool.

26. When she paired this white dress with a simple blazer and over-the-knee leather boots.

27. When she OWNED this embellished dress.

28. When she wore this patterned high neck dress.

29. When she proved, once and for all, that she is master of mixing prints.

So there you have it! Tracee Ellis Ross — Queen of Style (and other things).