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17 Women Tell Us What They Love Most About Themselves

"I love my non-conformist attitude."

Hundreds of people gathered at Alexandra Palace, north London, on Saturday 24 September for the debut UK edition of the Afropunk festival.

Since the music festival launched in the US 13 years ago, it has become renowned for its Afrocentric style and fashion. However, it’s also about education, political awareness, and self-empowerment for the African diaspora.

For Black History Month in the UK – an annual celebration of black history across Britain – we asked women at the festival to share something they loved about themselves.

"I love my vibe and soul." - Alisha Boatswain

"I love my lips." - Antoinette Ale

"I love my smile." - Fiona John

"I love my personality." - Rianah Ntanya Sebaduka

"I love my everything." - Cheria Raphael

"I love my black pride, history and strength as a woman." Tania Townsend