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This Adorable Baby Showed Her Dad Who Is Boss And People Are In Tears

"You're a manservant."

This is 36-year-old La Guardia Cross, his wife Leah Cross, and their two adorable kids, Amalah, 2, and Nayely, who is 5 months old.

Cross and his family have a YouTube channel where they document their wholesome shenanigans in a really creative way.

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Cross told BuzzFeed News he created his channel "to creatively chronicle my life as a new father, the growth of my daughter, and our evolving relationship." So far, his channel has gained over 130,000 subscribers and more than 16 million views, collectively.

Now a video Cross uploaded back in July has gone viral on Facebook with over 5 million views and Twitter with over 140,000 likes. In the video he interviews his youngest daughter, Nayely, who was 3 months old at the time, and it's truly amazing.

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He said his interview-style videos started when he heard his eldest child Amalah "babble" at 6 weeks old. "I rushed to grab my camera and film her. When I watched it back I imagined what she could be trying to say and decided to edit it into a comical interview," he said. So he obviously wanted to do it again with his youngest.

In the video, Cross can be seen asking Nayely "who's in charge?" and she obviously didn't take him seriously.

She called her daddy a "manservant", after making him clean up her baby sick.

And then rolled her eyes at him.

Cross said he was happy to see the old video go viral over the weekend. "It's exciting to see how many people can relate to the content and imagine that their own babies feel the same way."

People really loved the video.

"It also feels good to see people talking about the kind of parents they want to be in the future and how much fun they want to have with their kids," Cross said.

Nayely has made a lot of people broody.

Cross said: "I've come to learn that many people watch our videos for relief."

He added: "Bringing a little happiness people's way during tough times is incredibly humbling and something I feel honored to do. It's an unexpected result that now fuels my passion to continue."