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18 Things You'll Know If You're A Black Girl Who Can't Cornrow

You're not alone.

1. You constantly hear "Oh you can't cornrow but it's so easy!"

Oxygen / Via

Please stop.

2. You sometimes find yourself following a tutorial that says it only takes three steps and five minutes, but ten minutes later you're still cornrow-less.

Oxygen / Via

Cornrowing your own hair is a myth.

3. And you watch the tutorial again just in case you missed something.

StyleLikeU / Via

Maybe if you had an extra pair of hands this might work.

4. You know the struggle is real but that won't stop you from trying again.

Pulse Films / Via

"You just have to practice", they say. *Stares into the imaginary camera*

5. But you do love it when hair vloggers make videos with you in mind.

One Room With A View / Via

You're all amazing!

6. You wonder if you've missed the Universal Cornrow Lesson™.

Bounce / Via

That's not a thing but if it was did we miss it? Can we reschedule or..?

7. You spend more money getting your hair done.

BET / Via

A necessary inconvenience but clearly, this hair won't do itself.

8. And being able to install your own weave is a dream. A very distant dream.

Playboy / Via

Just imagine, being able to change your hair whenever you want, without having to schedule an appointment.

9. You might be the only one who can't cornrow in your friend group.

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10. But you cherish your friends who are willing to do your hair for you.


Love you guys!

11. You've perfected the art of having your hair in flat, strategically placed plaits for when your hair needs to be braided down in a hurry.

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You do what needs to be done.

12. You're a whiz at finding hairstyles that work around your inability to cornrow.

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Hello twists, bantu knots, braid-outs and buns.

13. From low maintenance, low pony-tails...

14. ... to quick top knots, you have so many options.

15. Which you use as an opportunity to perfect the styles that work for you.

TheKeyisME / Via

A* for creativity!

16. Sooner or later, you realise that it's not that bad.

StyleLikeU / Via

It could be worse.

17. Especially when you're not the only one.

There’s an underground sisterhood of black women who cannot cornrow 😂 I thought this skill would be innate. It. Is. Not.

Twitter: @DeeRene_ / Via Twitter: @DeeRene_

I'm in good company.

18. Like, at all.

to black girls who can’t cornrow I️ hear you, I️ see you, I️ stand with you.

Twitter @unbotheredbliss / Via Twitter: @unbotheredbliss


We're all in this together.

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