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62 Thoughts You Have After Going Natural For The First Time

Right, so I think I'm low porosity.

TaSheena SB/ Instagram: @pinkflavonoid / Via

1. Oh. Wow…I'm so relieved.

2. Struggling to blend two textures was not the one.

3. Why didn’t I big chop instead?

4. LOL, who am I kidding?

5. Like I was brave enough to do that.

6. Anyway, I’ve done it now.

7. So…I guess I’m fully natural.

8. I had no idea what to expect.

9. I was hoping It would bring out my non-existent cheekbones, but here we are.

10. I definitely didn’t think my hair would be this thick.

11. It was thick before but this...Seriously, it’s so full.

12. And curly.

Traeh Nykia / Via

13. Wow. I know I’ve said that already but seriously.

14. How can I look so different?

15. You know what, I’m actually excited.

16. This is the first time I’m seeing what my hair looks like.

17. Like what it really, really looks like.

18. And not in that cheesy “I’m finding myself” way because I know myself well enough thank you very much.

19. But it’s nice to have a change.

20. Plus, my scalp was ready for it. *Plays with mini coils* I can’t believe this is my hair, it’s so cute.

21. So I guess this means I’m a part of the natural hair community.

22. Let me follow a few Instagram accounts now. How many is too many?

23. Okay. Done.

24. I need all the help I can get.

25.*Grins like a shopaholic*

26. Products. I’ll need products. You know… because I have natural hair now.

Traycee Simmons / Via

27. Wait!!!

28. Do I even know how to look after my hair now?

29. I mean I have all those years of experience looking after my hair when it was relaxed, but this a whole new ball game.

30. Okay, time to get back on YouTube.

31. Right, so I think I’m low porosity.

32. Good old Cantu, coconut oil, and JBCO can stay. <3 <3

33.I’ll definitely need a mist bottle and a wide-tooth comb though.

34. This isn’t too bad.

35. [Two months later] Ugh, this isn’t easy.

36. Why is my hair so thick?

37. Man, wash days. That’s all I’ll say.

38. Like I’m trying to live my best life out here but my arms are tired.

39. And I’m waiting on this hair growth.

40. How much shrinkage can one person have???

41. Is it bad if I say I’m kinda over this?

42. I know I’m supposed to be all empowered and in love with my hair at all times but it’s not realistic to be that. All the time.

43. This is a lot of effort.

Naturally Curly/ / Via

44. I should probably be more patient. It’s only been two months.

45. Now is probably the time for some new protective styles.

46. Like a wig.

47. Wow, I'd never thought I'd say that.

48. Okay, so first time wearing a wig. So far so good.

49. Like really good, why did I not try these sooner?

50. Okay, I can't be the only one worried about how secure this is.

51. It's clipped in but it's really windy outside.

52. Anyway, I look great.

53. Plus, my hair’s protected.

54. I definitely needed that break.

55. Okay, I’m officially banning myself from buying any new products, I think this is enough lol.

56. Water, moisture, protein and low manipulation styles is really all I need.

57. I guess keeping it simple is what works for me.

58. I think I can say that I’m finally enjoying being natural. Outside of the post-cut high.

59. Like seriously, forget obsessing over curl patterns, hair typing, and shrinkage.

60. My hair is what it is.

61. And is freaking great that this grows out of my head tbh.

62. I might be starting to get the hang of this after all.