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Carrie Bradshaw in "Sex and the City"

15 People Admitted How They Feel About Their Partners After They "Settled," And I Commend Them For Their Honesty

"He had all of the traits I wanted in a significant other, but I wasn't attracted to him. I tried convincing myself that it was because he's genuinely a good guy, but I was flat-out lying to myself. We'd kiss and I'd feel nothing. I didn't like him for who he was as a person — I liked him because he was convenient. Don't 'settle' — you don't have feelings for them for a reason."

People Are Applauding This Woman's "Fashion Over 50" Series For Redefining How Society Says Women In Their 50s Should Dress

Luisa Dunn is a 52-year-old model whose "Fashion Over 50" series is challenging how society perceives women over 50. "By sharing our stories and taking up space, we can disrupt the stereotypes and make aging look so darn empowering and fabulous that everyone looks forward to it," she said.

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