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22 Absurd And Inappropriate Places That Men Have Taken Women For A Date

Hey, let's stop bringing women we barely know to graveyards.

There are obviously lots of red flags to look for while dating. And a major tell that the person you're with may not be right for you is them taking you to a place that's ~inappropriate~ to say the least.

Recently, over on the Ask Women subreddit, u/LizzieMinx posed the question, "Women of Reddit, where was the cringiest place a date has taken you?" The comments were filled with bizarre, disgusting, or just downright sketchy places that men have taken women for dates. Here are some of the best responses:

1. "A guy I was talking to asked me to go to his grandpa's funeral like two weeks after we first hung out. I went, and he kept introducing me as his 'special friend.'"


2. "He wanted to bring me to his house...for a party...with all of his friends...who were all men. That's definitely a NOPE situation for a woman."


3. "He took me to the Taco Bell parking lot and pulled up Sausage Party on his phone. He tried to kiss me during the orgy scene by leaning over with his mouth wide open."


scene from the movie with the condiments laughing along with the hot dog and bun

4. "My date was 31, and I was in my mid-twenties. He took me to a coffee house to see his really good friend's band play. I know that doesn't sound cringey, but his 'really good friend' was a 17-year-old girl. I should have just cut out then. Later, he told me she had both of her nipples pierced because he thought I'd 'get a kick out of it.'"


5. "He took me to an adult book store/theater/novelty shop and said to just keep an open mind. Then he tried to convince me to watch a feature movie in the theater room. I didn't want to think about the condition of the seats we'd be sitting in, so I politely declined."


6. "I once went out with someone who was a year or two younger than me and must have been intimidated due to our age difference. We made plans to grab lunch, but when he picked me up, he proceeded to drive in the complete opposite direction of where we had planned to eat. After 30-45 minutes of him 'missing' every exit for miles, and saying almost nothing as I awkwardly carried the conversation, I politely asked where we were headed. Finally, he admitted, “I don’t actually know where the place you wanted to eat is.” I asked him why he didn't just ask me how to get there and he said he didn't know. Then I told him to just bring me home. I still don’t really understand what happened. But it was EASILY the most awkward 'date' I’ve ever been on."


closeup of two people in a car

7. "It was our first date, and we were supposed to go bowling. But, he brought me to his mum's house...to decorate her bedroom instead."


8. "He took me to a Chinese restaurant to pick up food he ordered for himself. He didn’t ask me if I wanted anything. Then, we went back to his house. I basically watched him eat his food, and then his mom came home. I asked to be taken home after that."


9. "One time a guy wanted to show me his 'cool hidden spot in the city' where he went to 'think and be alone' and where he 'wrote all his best songs.' It turned out to be just a grimy underpass downtown."


graffiti walls under a bridge

10. "He offered to take me to his favorite parking lot."


11. "A rifle range in a very isolated town in 40 °C (104 °F) heat with three of his mates I'd never met. I was wearing a dress and slip-on shoes, expecting a lunch date. But hey, I got to fire a gun. Why waste the opportunity right?"


12. "A restaurant where he sold wine for a small distributor. He made me choose the wine, despite the opportunity for him to show off his expertise. He then proceeded to abandon me at our table, grab our table wine, and share it with his ex-girlfriend, whom he knew would likely be there."


woman taking a sip of wine

13. "I try to not be judgmental at all about where people take me, BUT, one time, a date asked me what I wanted to do. I gave him a suggestion, and he suggested Dave & Buster's instead. I said I preferred to do something else for the simple fact that the Dave & Buster's near us is dirty and just not the ideal place to have a first date. He agreed. But, after picking me up, about halfway to our destination, he told me that we were going there anyway. Awful date. Dude ended up being a major sexist asshole."


14. "On our first date, he brought me to his house to meet his entire family, which was a complete surprise. He proceeded to get wildly drunk and told them all I was his girlfriend. I couldn’t get away from there fast enough. They were all nice enough but it was one of the longest, cringiest dates I’ve ever been on."


15. "A shipping container in the middle of fucking nowhere. I thought I was going to die. He wanted to buy it for me and turn it into a house. It was our first fucking date."


forklift in a shipping container lot

16. "A strip club for our first date. He ended up talking to the girls and trying to get their numbers."


17. "The date that springs to mind is the one where he took me to his bedroom in a shared house to eat fried chicken on the floor whilst watching the latest episode of Sherlock on iPlayer."


18. "After our date, he stopped by his grandma's grave. She had passed a few months prior. It caught me off guard because I wasn’t expecting it. I just awkwardly stood there, not knowing what to do or say. He got mad because later, I politely said that a heads up would have been helpful so I could have prepared myself."

u/cammyywhammyy·4 days ago

"He told me he knew this 'really pretty park,' which was actually a graveyard, and then tried to make out with me there."


a cemetery

19. "He took me to his friend's place and played video games, ate, and just flat out ignored me. I left 20 minutes later."


20. "An older guy took me to a concert that ended up being dad rock with a bunch of hippies that were much older than me. I ended up in the nosebleeds watching him from above as he found an older woman to dance with. I called an Uber and dipped. The age gap really showed itself there."


21. "A very dramatic play that was really upsetting and made me cry my eyes out. The play included torturing children and other heavy stuff I just couldn't stand. I was NOT ready for that. Both of us were super bummed after, and I irrationally hated him for making this a Valentine's Day memory. We broke up shortly after."


woman crying and leaning into her date at the movies

22. And finally, "The cringiest place has to be a shared frat dorm to watch his buddies bet and race cockroaches. That's what he and his pals did for fun. His room was full of little insect breeding tanks too — all beetles and roaches. Their scuttling sounds ate up the silence in a way I couldn't stand."


Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What about you? Where's the cringiest place you've ever been taken on a date? LMK in the comments below!