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    Men Are Revealing Common Insecurities Women Have That Men Don't Pay Any Attention To, And I'm Curious What You Think

    "Literally, no dude has ever cared about that."

    When it comes to insecurities — we all have them! And the truth is that most of the time, we're our own worst critics, because most likely those around us don't even notice the tiny things we pick ourselves apart about.

    I stumbled upon a Reddit thread that showed exactly that when redditor u/naruturtle asked, "Guys on Reddit, what’s something girls shouldn’t be insecure about?" I thought the answers are actually pretty surprising. Here are some of them!

    1. "I personally want to find the person that told women freckles should be covered up, and I don’t want to hurt anyone, so I’ll just have a strongly worded conversation with them. Maybe it’s just me, but I have a serious weakness for freckles. From a dusting across the bridge of a woman’s nose to head-to-toe ginger freckles. I think they’re gorgeous."

    A bare shoulder in freckles with a hand touching it

    2. "Breast size. A good portion of us don't give a shit about that."


    3. "Cellulite, stretch marks, anything that might be seen as a 'blemish.' My girlfriend has all of the above, and I never noticed any of it until she said something about them."

    A close up shot of stretch marks on a person's skin

    4. "Frizzy hair! It’s really fun to look at. Some women seem to try to straighten or curl their hair, but I think going with what your hair wants is best. I know there are always those shampoo commercials with impossibly silky hair, and that looks nice, but there are so many different ways to have beautiful hair. I think genuine hair is often beautiful hair!"


    5. "Having a woman that is confident in making her own decisions is great. You don't need anyone's fucking permission to do a damn thing that doesn't directly involve them. Asking someone's opinion or input versus their permission are two different things. Girls, ladies, women, anyone hear this: Confidence is far more beautiful than any makeup or clothing. I love the inner beauty that radiates out! I've seen dolled-up women that were rotten to the core. Love yourself, and love will find you!!!"

    6. "Height! As a 5'9'' guy, I love girls my height and even taller, so stand straight for God's sake!"

    7. "Brains. Being a nerd is the new sexy."


    8. "I like girls who can be real around me. When they feel comfortable and say whatever dumb shit is on their mind, I feel like I’m actually connecting with someone. Cliche, but I think being yourself and losing the insecurity, in general, are the most attractive thing someone can do."


    9. "Honestly, damn near everything. It’s sad seeing beautiful women treat themselves like shit because their cheekbones aren’t right or their thighs are slightly red or whatever. Ladies: Guys DO NOT CARE IN THE SLIGHTEST about these things. They will love you for who you are. And the guys that do make a big stink about physical 'abnormalities' aren’t worth chasing after in the first place."

    10. "Being assertive. There's nothing wrong with a person being assertive, man or woman. There's no reason to be self-conscious about competence and knowledge. And assertiveness is just the expression of those."


    11. "Your weight has nothing to do with self-worth."

    A foot stepping onto a weight scale

    12. "Their body hair. It's natural to have body hair."


    13. "Their laugh. If you snort like a piggy, go on girl. Most of the time it's cute. 😂"


    14. "Their face without makeup. I've been told that makeup isn't about impressing other people and is more of a self-confidence/self-love thing, but the only reason it's even a thing is because it impresses other people."

    A woman looking into her phone putting on lip gloss

    15. "Lack of long eyelashes. Literally, no dude has ever cared about eyelashes."


    Close-up shot of a woman getting eyelash extensions

    16. "How her vagina looks. We literally couldn’t care less. Outer labia, inner labia. We promise."


    17. "The nose. I don't understand why almost every girl who doesn't think they have a 'perfect' nose will at some point consider operating for that. We don't give a shit about the small hump on your nose or if the tip is pointing slightly up or down."


    18. "Ovulation and periods. It’s completely natural, and only weirdos and teen boys get grossed out by you talking about it."


    Woman sitting on toilet and holding a tampon in her hands

    19. "Their career skills. Women second guess themselves so much more than men do. Seriously, fuck that."


    20. "Gray hairs, I love when you own it. Plus the silver streak kinda reminds me of Rogue from X-Men."

    A woman showing her gray hairs coming in

    21. "Acne on the face, back, or wherever. None of us really care. I had bad acne growing up, and at some point, I learned that any respectful person will not judge you for it because you can’t really control it."

    22. "Crooked teeth. I think they're sexy as hell."


    23. "Burping or farting around us. I know too many girls that have said they think it is rude or going to turn us off of them. Personally, I would want you to let go of any gas because I know how uncomfortable that is, and I couldn’t imagine if you were holding that in on top of period pain or other things. Please just pass your gas and don’t let it be something you think will turn us off."


    24. "Getting the latest trendy clothes. Have not met a guy who gives a damn if that hat is half a year out of style. Rock whatever look you like, ladies!"

    A woman clothes shopping

    25. "Lips and eyebrows. We don't really care. Every guy I'm friends with agrees that lip fillers make a girl instantly less attractive, and as long as you're not completely missing your eyebrows, we don't even think about them."


    Are there any other common insecurities not on this list that you could think of? Tell me in the comments below!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.