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    19 Times When Men In Politics Utterly Failed The Women Of Australia

    Remember in 2013, when Tony Abbott appointed himself as the Minister for Women and we didn't think it could get any worse?

    1. The time in 2021, when Scott Morrison neglected to address a women's-led March 4 Justice on his doorstep, under the excuse that "as Prime Minister, when you're in Canberra, it's a very busy day."

    Thousands of women #March4Justice all across the country. Many have made the trek to Parliament House in Canberra. The Prime Minister of Australia was asked if he’ll come out of his office and address the people. His answer? Here you go, IN HIS OWN WORDS 👇

    2. And when he then suggested that it was a "triumph" that the very same women weren't "being met with bullets" for protesting.

    Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressing the #March4Justice protests in Parliament. This quote is being widely shared across social media, what do you think? #auspol

    3. The time in 2013, when Tony Abbott told Big Brother contestants that his daughters were his "best asset" and that "if you want to know who to vote for, I'm the guy with the not bad-looking daughters.''

    That happened and we all let it happen.

    4. The time in 2021, when an anonymous whistleblower revealed that male government staffers were sharing images and videos of themselves masturbating over the desk of a female MP.

    1) Masturbating... on a female MP’s desk. 2) Videoing it. 3) Sending it round to the other Liberal staffers. This isn’t a “sex” act. It’s a DISGUSTING “dominance” ritual of pure woman-hating and ALL Australians deserve to be spared from any contact with this. #auspol

    5. The time in 2013, when male Liberal candidate, Mal Brough, held a fundraising dinner with the menu item of "Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail — Small Breasts, Huge Thighs and a Big Red Box".

    Julia Gillard was PM from 2010-2013 but of course that doesn't mean the misogynistic crap ended. She appeared, for instance, on an opposition party's menu for a fundraiser. It reads: Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried quail with small breasts, huge thighs, and a big red box. /4

    6. The time in 2019, when Scott Morrison suggested during a speech for International Women's Day that the rise of women should not come at the expense of men.

    Remember when @ScottMorrisonMP chose International Women’s Day in 2019 to tell us that “women deserve to rise but not at the expense of men”? Excuse us for not believing your sudden feminist awakening Scomo. #auspol #BelieveWomen #ausunions #AllWomen

    Twitter: @MsAbbie22

    7. The time in 2013, when Tony Abbott — a man who had once stated that "abortion is the easy way out" — appointed himself as the Minister for Women.

    Remember when Tony Abbott made himself Minister for Women and then declared the best thing he did for them was repeal the 'carbon tax' so their ironing would be cheaper? Feels like a lifetime ago. Who could have guessed it would all be downhill from there. 👍🏽😐👍🏽 #auspol

    8. The time in 2011, when Tony Abbott, Alan Tudge, Ken Wyatt and other members of parliament stood alongside a crowd of 3000 anti-carbon tax protesters, waving signs with slurs against Julia Gillard, including "ditch the witch" and "Ju-liar...Bob Browns [sic] bitch".

    Ministers Alan Tudge and Ken Wyatt with Tony Abbott under the ditch the witch banner. The disdain these Morrison govt men have towards women runs deep. Their arrogant attitude to Julia Gillard and women goes back a long way. #Insiders

    9. The time in 2020, when Scott Morrison spoke over the top of Senior Minister, Anne Ruston, when she was asked by a reporter if the culture had improved for women in parliament.

    Senior minister Anne Ruston asked if culture for women in parliament has improved... @7NewsAustralia

    Twitter: @olivialeeming

    10. The time in 2010, when Tony Abbott was quoted in The Australian Women's Weekly as saying "I would say to my daughters...[your virginity] is the greatest gift you can give someone."

    My favourite Tony Abbott line was "Virginity is the greatest gift you can give someone"

    11. The time in 2021, when Scott Morrison suggested he was only able to develop empathy for alleged rape victim, Brittany Higgins, after his wife asked him to consider his experience as a husband and father — to which 10 News reporter, Tegan George, asked the PM, "Shouldn’t you have thought about it as a human being?"

    This 👇 was my question to @ScottMorrisonMP (& his answer) following the remark his wife Jenny told him to think about what he would want for their daughters if they were in Brittany Higgins' position. @10NewsFirst @Studio10au #auspol

    12. And the time when Peter Dutton referred to the same rape allegations as a "he said, she said" affair.

    Peter Dutton says he wasn’t provided “with the ‘she said/he said’ details of [Brittany Higgins’s] allegation”. Yet to hear a physical assault or the like described as ‘he said/he said’

    13. The time in 2021, when Scott Morrison excused a member of staff for calling an alleged rape victim a "lying cow" because the comment was made in a "private office, in a stressful week. And [the comments] weren't made in a public place."

    Scott Morrison doubts someone would be sacked in the private sector if they called an employee a 'lying cow'. Points to the language used in media rooms. #auspol

    14. The time in 2013, when Tony Abbott described Liberal candidate, Fiona Scott, and former Liberal MP, Jackie Kelly, as "both good, young, feisty — I think I could probably say have a bit of sex appeal."

    Don't forget Tony Abbott's criteria for female politicians is that they need to have "sex appeal". #QandA

    15. The time in 2021, when Scott Morrison tried to weaponise claims of harassment in the workplace, when he lied about News Corp dealing with its own complaint of sexual harassment, in order to deflect a question from their journalist about the culture in Parliament.

    Scott Morrison apologises to NewsCorp (on Facebook) quicker than he investigates the Higgins case. The Murdochs are a higher priority than thirteen million Australian women. #auspol

    16. The time in 2021, when Scott Morrison refused to act in standing down the Attorney General, Christian Porter, while investigating a historical rape allegation against him.

    Only an Independent Inquiry can determine whether the Christian Porter is a fit and proper person to be Attorney General. Given the Rape accusation, Scott Morrison must stand Porter aside until such a determination is made.

    17. The time in 2020, when Scott Morrison refused to take further action against two senior frontbenchers, Christian Porter and Alan Tudge, following allegations of inappropriate conduct, as there was "no suggestion here of anything unconsensual."

    Remember that time ScoMo went in to bat for his boys Porter & Tudge and lectured a reporter about her not understanding human frailty? And the fact that it was consensual? #auspol #SpinelessScotty

    18. The time in 2018, when Scott Morrison trivialised Pamela Anderson's plea to bring Julian Assange home, with his remark that he had "plenty of mates who have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela Anderson."

    We've found the audio of Prime Minister Scott Morrison's #JulianAssange interview with Hot Tomato - "I've had plenty of mates who have asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela Anderson” #auspol

    Twitter: @BrettMasonNews

    19. And finally, the time in 2002, when Tony Abbott said that "this idea that sex is a woman's right to absolutely withhold" needed to be "moderated".

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