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Should I Still Be Friends With Someone If I Like Them, But They Don't Return My Feelings?

"Is there any way that he'll develop feelings for me naturally and we could become something?"

Welcome to the new year, cyber dwellers β€” and to a brand new Help Me Hameda. The fortnightly column that features advice and guidance from your favourite internet bestie, me.

Today we're discussing love β€” or more specifically, unrequited love. It's a hot topic that pretty much everyone goes through. I mean there's a reason there are so many songs about it.

Now, this may surprise some people, but I am actually a huge fan of ~love~ and consider myself a romantic. It's just the confines that 'love' seems to have been locked into that I disagree with. Crushes? Puppy love? That's my favourite kind. It can be so exciting to meet someone you vibe with in a way that causes a tickle in your stomach.

The thrill you get from seeing the name of your crush appear on your screen in notification form is unlike anything else that can be experienced on this planet.

But I guess part of the excitement when you have a crush is the mystery, and sometimes the mystery can give way to some devastating news β€” like the possibility that your feelings aren't returned. This brings us to our DM.

DM describing a friendship where the writer has feelings for a friend that doesn't return those feelings.

Some would say that the most daunting thing about liking someone and not knowing how they feel about you, is asking them. Seeking out that clarity for yourself, so that you understand what it is that you need to do to move forward. You've already done this, and even though the outcome wasn't what you wanted, I need to you really commend yourself for that.

It's not an easy thing, having to be so vulnerable with someone who has the power to actually hurt your feelings. It's brave and I'm proud of you. 

But what's sometimes even more difficult to do is to decide what your next move is. Especially when you're dealing with someone you actually care about β€” a friend. Is it really worth it to put yourself through a second cycle of mourning? Now with a friendship? Well, if you ask me, it depends, person to person.

And yes, there's a chance that one day he'll realise that he actually does have feelings for you β€” but you've done your part now. He knows how you feel, or may have felt and he can come to you to discuss that if and when it happens.

My final word? Yes, he might change his mind and you could be something β€” but we exist in a world where literally anything could happen, so that's not quite the exciting assessment you think it is. Sometimes what we think we need and want aren't what they seem. Sometimes people are supposed to be in your life to teach you a lesson and provide you with nuggets of experience that can be forged into wisdom β€” but that all depends on how you handle them.

That's all my advice today β€” feel free to offer your own in the comments below and help your fellow internet bestie out.

Just remember to be kind and considerate when you do. 

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