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17 Things That Women Want Men To Please, For The Love Of God, Stop Doing

"Not participating in household chores. Be an adult. We are not your mamas."

As women, we deal with an ungodly amount of nonsense from men on a regular basis.

Well, Reddit user u/slipz4001 recently asked women what they want men to stop doing — immediately.

And unfortunately, there were so many answers that had me nodding my head in agreement. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

1. "Seeing 'Sorry, I'm not interested!' as a challenge."


2. "Treating the stuff they see on porn sites as if it's realistic. Internet porn is not sex ed, fellas; nor is it real life. Talk to your partner — communication is key to good sex for both of you."


3. "Sending unsolicited dick pics."


4. "Not participating in household chores. Be an adult; it is your house as well. We are not your mamas."


5. "Coming up to women waiting for the bus alone at night and asking for their phone numbers or asking them out."

"This happens so often, and I don't see how anyone can think it's appropriate. Obviously, the answer is always going to be no, but it does not feel like a safe situation to give a firm no in."


6. "I would like them to stop asking if it is that time of the month every time I am upset about something."


7. "Assuming that kindness is flirtation."


"Yes! Some local radio DJs were just talking about how men wish women would compliment them more, and the female DJ chimed in and said, 'Yeah, we can't do that because every man assumes we're trying to have sex with them if we're nice to them.' Took the words right out of my mouth!"


8. "Saying they are an 'alpha male.'"


9. "There is NEVER any reason to touch my lower back when you walk past me. In fact, 99 times out of 100, you do not need to touch me at all to walk past me."


10. "When I say I’m a lesbian, I would love for them to stop saying, 'You just haven’t met the right guy yet' or 'I can change you if you give me one night with you.'"

"It’s disgusting and makes me more of a lesbian. And no, I will not give you proof that I am a lesbian for your own pornographic fantasies."


11. "Stop thinking that it’s feminine to have a skincare routine. Skin health is important!"


12. "Downplaying things when we talk about sexual assault or harassment. Super glad none of your friends do that (hopefully), but just because your friends don’t do it doesn’t mean it’s not a problem."


"Your friends may not act that way in front of YOU, but that doesn’t mean they treat women the same way as they treat you."


13. "Ignoring social cues to leave others alone. If I am wearing earphones or reading or am curt in my responses to you, I’m not interested in conversing with, dating, or fucking you."

"I understand wanting to start a polite conversation, but if the other person is occupied or uninterested, shrieking that THEY are being rude or a cocktease is inappropriate. Just learn to read the fucking room and take a hint."


14. "Stop being afraid to show your fellow bros affection, love, and care."


15. "Thinking that tasks involved with childcare come more naturally to Mom than Dad."

"Yep, my uterus makes it easier to change diapers. And making a baby bottle? My uterus told me to read the directions on the side of the formula can."


16. "Some men assume that not calling women slurs is what makes them nice. That cannot be where the bar is. I’d like those men to stop pretending that’s the minimum."


17. And finally, "Catcalling and disrespecting women's boundaries."

"They're not trying to get dates. They're trying to make women uncomfortable for just existing."


Women, what do you wish men would stop doing? Sound off in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.