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It's 2022 And Brands Are Still Only Stocking Up To A Size 14, And Things Need To Change

The average women's size in Australia is 14/16, yet stores refuse to stock above a 14. Make it make sense?

As someone who wears mid- to plus-size clothes, I'm totally used to going to shops and not being able to find anything that fits.

Women's clothing stores that you'd find in your classic Aussie shopping centre seem to have an issue with stocking anything above a size 14, even though it's the women's average in the country.

The fact that I fall into the women's average for Australia and still can't find my size in store makes no sense.

But what really got me was when I was in General Pants recently and realised that the issue went beyond brands not making larger sizes...stores will actually refuse to stock them, even if the brand is already making them.

You can watch my storytime above, but tl;dr: I saw a pair of the Ragged Priest jeans that I know are manufactured up to a size 18, but after checking in-store and online, I realised that General Pants had decided to stock only up to a 14.

After I shared my experience on TikTok, others shared their stories and opinions. It made me feel so seen, so here are some of the responses.

"They don’t want us in their clothing. It’s that simple."

"Makes me so mad because they feign inclusion, but it’s all fake."


"Being a size 18 with a bust, I got the dirtiest looks whenever I went into General Pants. Now I avoid the store because it makes me insecure."

"Not to mention, on every occasion I entered the store, not one employee would ever approach me. I basically got ignored."


"Literally same for men’s stuff at General Pants; their larger sizes in jeans and shirts are so limited in stores."


"It’s not just General Pants; a lot of stores are the same. I’m average but tall, and I can’t even buy pants in stores anymore. So stupid."


"Many employees say it's because they don't want bigger individuals purchasing from their brand, so they make excuses. It's all rooted in fatphobia and brand image."

"This has been an issue for a while with certain brands, such as Glassons, etc. They will make bigger sizes but not put the stock out — it’s disgusting, and we’re all over it. They need to get their shit together."


"I always get looks because I’m smaller on top and am always wearing baggy jumpers. I don’t even bother with pants because it’s such a bad feeling when they don’t fit. It’s always the looks like, 'Are you sure you’ll fit?' and it’s horrible. Then stores get mad when we only shop online."


"Look at the people General Pants hires. They’re exactly like at Glassons and every other store."


"Have always been a plus-size girl, and the only shop I can really go in that’s popular with my age group is Cotton On. Not all Cotton On stores stock the curve range, and even the few stores that do only stock select items. I barely bother with shopping at this point, it’s too depressing."


"Last time I went into General Pants was in, like, 2017, where the assistant looked me up and down and said they don’t stock my size. I cried."


"Worked for them for two years as a 16/18, and it was a MIRACLE when they stocked size 16 jeans...but, of course, they felt like a size 12/14 🙄🙄🙄. The embarrassment I felt working for a company that didn't stock my size."


"I feel like we’re all just talking to a wall with all these stores here. They just don’t care, and we’re obviously subhuman because we’re bigger."


"I love when they say, 'Oh, we don't stock because we won't sell them' — you don't sell them because 'plus-size' shoppers don't even try anymore."


"I know this will sound wrong, and it's not my belief either, but they are marketing to a certain target audience. They think 'models' sell."


"I hate when brands do these kinds of fake-outs on inclusivity. I always get my hopes up when brands start using inclusive-size models or branding and they only go up to certain sizes 😤😤."


"I work in retail, and the number of size 6–10s produced for each style is about four times the number of size 12–16s; it's fucking ridiculous."

"I've complained to the head office a number of times. Our most popular sizes are 14/16, and we get sent one of each!!!!!"


"Was working for General Pants as a sales assistant for a while, and time after time, I would ask whether we would be including more sizes. They literally had no reason or straight answer."

"We had so many customers walk out when we literally couldn’t serve them with any sizes."


"I think I’ve avoided Australian stores like this for at least five years — just hate the stares and the walk of shame as you realise nothing here is for you."


"General Pants is peak 'We are cooler than you and will do anything to exclude those who don’t fit our look'."


"I’m so fucking sick of being made to feel like shit for being a size 16 in Aussie stores; it’s bullshit."

"I can’t imagine how plus-size besties above a 16 feel 🥺."


"Welcome to our fatphobic society."


So, yeah, the Australian fashion industry needs to do better. Consider this an official request: Be more inclusive, and we'll throw our money at you. 🥰