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This Millennial Swapped Styles With Her Gen Z Sister And This Is What Happened

Yep, skinny jeans are involved.

We've all seen the discourse about how skinny jeans are an iconically ~millennial~ fashion trend that Gen Z rejects in favour of wide-leg jeans.

sorry to be such a 90s born millennial but black skinny jeans are so freaking superior

Twitter: @flyhoume

Well, you best believe skinny jeans got involved when Nat (millennial) swapped styles with her sister, Tatiana (Gen Z) in a Bloom video by BuzzFeedOz.

Tatiana explained that Gen Z have been on social media from a young age — so when it comes to fashion, they're used to being hyper-aware of the image they're putting online.

From a millennial's point of view, Nat says she's a lot more trend-driven and likes the stuff that's "super in-season".

Nat and Tatiana were challenged to style three outfits for each other. The first: an ~Instagrammable~ look.

The second outfit category was a ~Formal~ look.

And the last (but definitely not the least) was a ~Wild Card~. And yep, Nat chose skinny jeans for Tatiana — who wasn't a fan 😂.

You can see Nat and Tatiana's outfits for each other and watch their journey unfold in the video below!

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