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I Tried That Controversial L'Oreal Telescope Mascara — And It Actually Surprised Me

I've gotta say — I wasn't expecting this to work.

If you aren't all caught up with the beauty community drama, you may have missed the whole Mikayla Nogueira L’Oreal Telescopic Lift debacle.


THESE ARE THE LASHES OF MY DREAMS!! @lorealparisusa never lets me down 😭 #TelescopicLift #LorealParisPartner #LorealParis @zoehonsinger

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The gist of it is that beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira put a review video up on TikTok 'testing' the mascara — and there's been some unconfirmed speculation about her putting on false eyelashes mid-review.

Now, while the controversy is definitely interesting (there are conspiracy theories and everything), I was mostly curious about how well the mascara would work sans false lashes.

I have pretty tiny, sparse eyelashes — so I'm always on the hunt for easy ways to make them look more prominent than they are.

I'm a big fan of thinner wands, because they just feel easier to manoeuvre for me in comparison to fluffy brushes — so, if you're the same, you'll enjoy this one. And hey, I'm pretty impressed by the volume and lift that this mascara gave my lashes.

I'm not sure if the mascara is available in stores in Australia yet, but you can grab it on Amazon if you're dying to try it yourself.

But what do you reckon? Would you try this or do you have another go-to you think we should know about? Let us know in the comments!