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I Recreated "Outfits For When I'm Skinny" As A Non-Skinny Woman

Why should fashion trends only be for skinny bodies?

Hello! I'm Sohan. I love wearing fun clothes.

I'm passionate about size inclusivity in the fashion industry, because we all deserve to express ourselves through what we wear, if we choose to.

my new hobby is emailing clothing brands asking if they have any ~upcoming plans~ to stock inclusive sizing. if ur only stocking up to a size AU 12 u can get in the mf bin with that bullshit

Via Twitter: @SohanJudge

As an Australian size 14-16, I'm definitely not "skinny" by industry standards. So it really hit me in the feels when I came across a trend on Pinterest, where people save outfit inspiration for "when I'm skinny".

I wanted to jump on the trend to show that you don't have to fit the "skinny" stereotype to wear the clothes you love.

The amount of money i have spent on outfits “for when im skinny” 🤡 🤡 🤡

Via Twitter: @taaylacaldwell

TBH I needed to prove it to myself just as much as I wanted to prove it to you guys.

So, I picked out three popular trends I found from the "outfits for when I'm skinny" boards and recreated them at home.

First, was the baggy pants and tight crop top combo.

I also recreated the baggy tee, baggy pants and chunky shoes look — which was SO DAMN COMFY.

And lastly, was the bodycon dress with strappy heels.

If you want to see more and find out how I went, watch my journey on BuzzFeedOz YouTube below!

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