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Zooey Deschanel


Good luck!

Be our guest...once more.


Glaub mir.


Don't worry, pronouncing them is a whole other quiz.

This what your faves were looking back on this past year!

From Beyoncé's failed audition to the movie's biggest fan, Bono!

"Hello, normals."


"Warning: some of these photos may also haunt your dreams"


Will we or won't we?

"You have a nutmeg wholesaler vibe."

Sex in a book store?!

"If I were off my rocker, would I take a weekly selfie with my cat?"

They're great animals, honestly.

Creepy clones or delightful doppelgängers?

It's all fun and games until there's a group text.


The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

*Melts into a puddle*


After finding out that Zooey Deschanel named her daughter Elsie Otter, aren't you curious what the quirky star of New Girl would name you?

Because watching films can solve all your problems.

This is not a love story.

Are bangs hot or not?

Feminism isn't a fad for these folks.


The moral of this story is that if you want to date a famous actress, you should learn guitar and never wash your hair.

Featuring the vocal talents of Zooey Deschanel, Ben Folds and more.

Zooey's about to have the most adorkable artisanal baby ever. Here's what she should wear in the meantime.

“You crazy for this one. It’s your Uber!”

Following an underwhelming third season, the Fox comedy has creatively rebounded in Season 4 by telling simpler, funnier stories. New Girl’s executive producers explain to BuzzFeed News how they regained control over their show.

Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Zooey Deschanel, Barbra Streisand, Gwen Stefani, and more!

That awkward moment between birth and death.

This was totally your last Saturday--right??

I've literally run out of things to say to you.

You can really see the difference.

To trim or not to trim? The eternal question.


It's the most important supporting role in Hollywood history.

Esta semana Thalía se encontró con Rihanna y Sofía Vergara se tomó una foto con el presidente de los Estados Unidos.

While in an elevator, possibly after a few drinks.

Bangs or no bangs?

Zooey was also a blonde in the video. 2002 was a weird time for everyone, to be fair.

Plus 23 music videos starring pre-fame celebs, nature's Viagra, and toothpaste as the solution to all your problems.

You know that the New Girl pair are soulmates, but do you know how you know?

"I need a coffee to go with my coffee."

How does one grow into a healthy adult male on a diet of syrup and candy corn?

Maybe it's time we switch over to nothing but animated covers.

Mindy Kaling’s single-camera comedy is not only hitting all of its marks in its second season, it’s surpassing them… and leaving New Girl in its wake.

Blasphemous words, she speaks.

OK I know I won't look JUST like Zooey. But would I look a little like her?

You'll never be able to look at Scarlett Johansson the same way again.

You'll never be able to look at Scarlett Johansson the same way again.

Anyone that knows her, please pass this on.

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