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    Would YOU "Fake It" To Win High School? Leads The Daily Links

    Plus 23 music videos starring pre-fame celebs, nature's Viagra, and toothpaste as the solution to all your problems.


    MTV's "Faking It" shows just how far we might be willing to go to win high school—going along with a lie that takes on a life of its own, and makes us more popular? Doesn't sound too bad! - [DuJour]


    Watermelon juice is "nature's Viagra." You're welcome! - [Nerve]


    The best gear: 13 spring-training essentials. - [DuJour]


    Zooey, Christina, Zach Galifianakis—you have to see these 23 music videos starring pre-fame celebs! - [mental_floss]

    Popular Mechanics

    You can absolutely hack your way through every single thing in life: Use these 15 ways to fix everything with toothpaste! - [Popular Mechanics]

    Rolling Stone

    BEY AND JAY ARE TOURING TOGETHER!!! The couple confirmed rumors by announcing their 16-city "On the Run" tour. - [Rolling Stone]