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    Apparently When Prince Guest-Starred On "New Girl," He Refused To Call Jake Johnson Anything But "Nick"

    An absolute legend.

    So, Jake Johnson recently jumped onto a Zoom call with Washington State University, and he revealed some awesome little tidbits about New Girl that were captured in snippets by TikTok user @sighelena.

    Jake Johnson

    One of the things he addressed in the call was the episode Prince appeared in.

    Prince saying "How rude of me. I haven't given you enough time to freak out. You may do so now" to Nick and Jess, who then freak out, in New Girl

    According to Johnson, Prince reached out to Fox requesting to appear on the show. He watched it in his tour van, and really wanted Nick and Jess to be together — so he said he'd appear on the show if he could help make that happen.

    Jake saying, "...because he personally watched the show in his tour van and he liked nick and jess"

    And, as we all know now, Fox agreed to let him guest-star!

    Prince saying, "Anything beautiful is worth getting hurt for" in the epsiode

    While I’m obsessed with the fact that Prince was also a “Ness” shipper, my favorite thing Jake revealed about the episode was that, when Prince came to set, he actually didn’t even call Jake by his name — he only referred to him as “Nick.”

    Prince says, "Listen, Nick...uh, Nick, right?" to Nick in the episode

    According to the viral TikTok, Prince came downstairs with seven people dressed in all purple walking in a single-file line, then stood 15 feet from Jake and Zooey.

    Prince in the episode onstage

    Jake said that one of Prince’s guests nodded at Zooey, so she walked over to him to talk, and then Prince said, “I would like to meet Nick now.”

    Jake brushing his shoulder

    TBH, Prince could've called ME Nick and I wouldn't have cared. This is honestly exactly how I would’ve pictured Prince’s visit to set, and I’m incredibly jealous of Zooey and Jake for having such a cool experience!

    Prince sitting between Jess and Nick

    TL;DR: Prince was — and will forever be — an absolute legend.

    Prince performing