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21 Times Hollywood Typecast Incredible Female Actors Into The Same Role Over And Over Again

These women deserve a variety of roles.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which actors play the same roles over and over again, and it turns out a lot of the submissions featured female actors. Here are some very talented women who Hollywood constantly typecasts.

1. Jennifer Aniston

Danny and Katherine arguing at the lūʻau in "Just Go with It"
Sony Pictures Releasing

"Jennifer Aniston always plays the same person — a strict, sarcastic, and caring girlfriend (or co-worker) who gladly agrees to help the main guy. I know she does have some serious roles, but when I think of her, I think about her countless movies with Adam Sandler and Jason Bateman." —zarinat3

2. Katherine Heigl

Abby from "The Ugly Truth" watching tapes of Mike
Sony Pictures Releasing

"Katherine Heigl is always the Type-A, neurotic, and selfish person in any movie she's in." —cemarino520

3. Jennifer Lopez

Charlie from "Monster-in-Law" telling her friends she dreams of being with a sweet guy who wants to make a difference
New Line Cinema

"Jennifer Lopez always plays the sweet, creative, and kind of shy woman, and men love how down-to-earth and unknowingly beautiful she is. It's everywhere in The Wedding Planner, The Back-up Plan, What to Expect When You're Expecting, Monster-in-Law, and Second Act." —reginaphalange78

4. Rebel Wilson

Universal Pictures

"Rebel Wilson is forever typecast as the best friend who’s a funny, wild, and 'chubby girl' with a heart of gold." —allyb4a707401b

"Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids, The Hustle, How To Be Single...she essentially plays Fat Amy in four different movies." —laraterryr

5. Helena Bonham Carter

Marla dramatically smoking a cigarette in "Fight Club"
20th Century Fox

"Helena Bonham Carter is literally always just spooky and dark." —ceylontee

6. Zooey Deschanel

Jess from "New Girl" eating ice cream on the couch while wearing glasses, pigtails, and a matching pajama set

"Zooey Deschanel is the quirky, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, even when she is not playing one — she is one. Her earlier work shows such a brilliant range. She deserves better roles!" —meghanakiran

7. Judy Greer

Casey telling Jane in "27 Dresses" she only accepts her role as a bridesmaid is so a drunk groomsman can rip her dress off
20th Century Fox

"She always plays the sidekick or the supportive friend in rom-coms. I personally think she’s a comedic genius, and she steals every scene she’s in!" —feliciam4fcc173df

"Judy Greer literally wrote the book on this with I Don't Know What You Know Me From: My Life as a Co-Star. She’s always playing the supportive best friend." —rohasi

8. Octavia Spencer

Zelda holding Elisa in a comforting way in "The Shape of Water"
Fox Searchlight Pictures

"Octavia Spencer always plays the moral compass and the advisor in her films — let her play more main characters, for crying out loud!" —directioner_af

9. Aubrey Plaza

Lenny Busker from "Legion" creepily holding a hammer, sitting on a couch, and staring with her evil eyes

"Aubrey Plaza is always a dark and creepy weirdo, but that’s why we love her." —baegel

10. Gillian Anderson

Wendy fooling Morgan into believing she'll help her and Audrey out in "The Spy Who Dumped Me"

"I think she’s brilliant in everything she’s in, but Hollywood only puts Gillian Anderson in 'woman in a high profession takes herself extremely seriously and gives surly looks' roles. In Sex Education she’s quirkier than usual, but she still fits her typecast criteria!" —m98

11. Penélope Cruz

Sofia kissing David toward the floor in "Vanilla Sky"
Paramount Pictures

"Penélope Cruz is always the 'femme fatale' or sexy woman in all the movies she is in." —maritereg

12. Sarah Paulson

Lana Winters from "AHS: Asylum" nervously putting her hands around her head as a patient in the asylum

Suggested by: shanicoral

I love Sarah Paulson with my whole heart, but all of her TV/movie characters seem so similar to me. I wish Hollywood would offer her different roles outside of the crying, insecure woman — Paulson 100% has the range, and literally everyone would love to see her kill it in different roles!!!

13. Rashida Jones

Ann Perkins from "Parks & Rec" smiling at the camera

"I really wish people would give Rashida Jones completely different roles outside of her sweet and down-to-earth characters because she really has such a wide range of talent. I mean, I feel like Rashida Jones could star in a historical drama OR a movie musical — she's that good. (I hope you're listening, Hollywood!!!)" —kaylayandoli

14. Loretta Devine

Gloria from "Waiting to Exhale" introducing herself to her new neighbor across the street
20th Century Fox

"Loretta Devine always plays the mom or the grandma in Black movies!" —yessirbrebre_26

"If she is in a movie, just know she finna die in the end 😂😂😂💀." —heywassuplol

15. Jennifer Coolidge

Fiona from "A Cinderella Story" wearing goggles and meanly saying: "You're not very pretty, and you're not very bright"
Warner Bros. Pictures

"I love Jennifer Coolidge, but she always plays the sort of ditzy, washed-up, middle-aged character. Legally Blonde, A Cinderella Story, the American Pie movies — the list goes on." —marymarshallanderson

16. Diane Keaton

Erica Barry from "Something's Gotta Give" crying on her bed while holding a pair of glasses
Sony Pictures Releasing

"In every movie, she's sweet, quirky, and always getting into funny situations while wearing suits. She has the same style and personality in every movie." —abigailbrown1013

17. Emma Roberts


"Emma Roberts has honestly played a lifetime of mean girl characters." —hiitsnicetomeetyou

"I feel like Emma Roberts is always a straight-up bitch in every role I've seen her in lol." —serenityjohnson1003

18. Jennifer Garner

Emily talking to Simon after he came out in "Love, Simon"
20th Century Fox

"Jennifer Garner is the first one who came to my mind! She always seems to play the loving mom who’s going through something major in her life (think Love, Simon; Miracles from Heaven; and The Odd Life of Timothy Green). Any time a movie trailer comes out about a kid with an inspirational story, I expect her to show up as their mom!" —ericastevenson323

19. Kerry Washington


Suggested by: morgans4e9c39652

Kerry Washington is so talented, but for some reason, Hollywood always puts her in these roles where she plays a dramatic character who can never do anything right. I'm not sure if she drinks wine in every role, but it's what she's known for!

20. Emma Watson

Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" (2017) singing through the village while carrying a book

"Emma Watson is always playing a book-ish, earnest character. She basically plays herself, and any attempt outside her usual 'Hermione Granger' schtick falls flat." —annief4e0affe79

21. And Melissa McCarthy

Megan from "Bridesmaids" pitching a "Fight Club"-themed bachelorette party to the fellow bridesmaids
Universal Pictures

"I literally cannot tell Melissa McCarthy's movies apart. Give 👏 her 👏 more 👏 serious 👏 roles 👏." —mynameisjessica

Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.