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    19 Perfect Lines From Schmidt That Never Fail To Make You Laugh

    "Hello, normals."

    1. When he described his emotions in a totally reasonable and non-hyperbolic way:

    2. When he was just really pragmatic:

    3. When he summarised how everyone over the age of 23 feels:

    4. When he was appropriately outraged by emotions:

    5. When he gave flirting a good go:

    6. When he used this loving greeting:

    7. When he became a bastion of self-love:

    8. When he deemed bees to be "dope":

    9. When he demonstrated his knowledge of sports:

    10. When he demonstrated his flawless logic:

    11. When he tried a brave new flirting strategy:

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    12. When he perfected his high school reunion speech:

    13. When he showed Nick he cares:

    14. When he summarised Siri:

    15. When he served this perfect burn:

    16. When he proposed this this sick deal:

    17. When he was everything you'd expect him to be:

    18. When he showed a surprising amount of self-awareness:

    19. When he summarised the period in which we live perfectly: