Here Are 10 Celebs Who Are Extremely Talented Musicians, And 9 Whose Singing Career Never Really Took Off

    Zendaya needs to stop playing and get back in the studio!

    Who doesn't love a celebrity who's a double, triple... even a quadruple threat?!

    Some famous people may start off modeling or acting, and then segue effortlessly into the music game. For others, however, it's not exactly a memorable career move, let's just say.

    Let's take a look at the celebrities who have made waves in ~multiple~ industries including music, versus those who had less than sparkling forays into the music industry.

    1. Multitalented — Zooey Deschanel

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    I can't have been the only one who didn't know Zooey was this talented? If you also didn't know, Zooey makes up one half of the folk-rock duo She & Him, for which she provides vocals, piano, and even ukulele. She has a unique voice, and her singing is so effortless that it makes you feel like you're on a cloud. At this point, I'm gonna need her to sing at my wedding.

    2. Stick to the day job — Kim Kardashian

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    Many of us know who Kim is, but were you aware of her musical work? She actually put out a single in 2011 called "Jam (Turn It Up)," and even though it was clear she was never going to be the next Adele, I have to give her a 10/10 for effort! I'm glad she had fun at least, and it's nice to know she donated the money she made from the track to a cancer organisation.

    3. Multitalented — Zendaya

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    I think we can all agree that if Zendaya got back into music, she would take the industry by storm; every artist would be shaking in their boots! Little me was obsessed with "Swag It Out," and "Replay" was a certified bop — can you believe that she was only 17 in the music video for the latter? A superstar from the very beginning!

    4. Stick to the day job — Eddie Murphy

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    It may come as a surprise to you that Eddie made music once upon a time. He started out as a comedian, so it was kinda hard for people to take his music career seriously, and on top of this, his style had yet to be solidified imo. I guess we can agree to disagree, but I think his singing is underrated, as I stand by the fact that he killed it in Dreamgirls, okay!

    5. Multitalented — Zoë Kravitz

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    Innit Recordings

    Zoë definitely takes after her parents when it comes to singing and acting, and she's proved how talented she is numerous times, but it's her sound that is the most interesting. She's part of an R&B and electro-pop duo called Lolawolf, and in an interview with Vice, Zoë stated, “acting is a passion, but it's also a career that I’m pursuing, whereas music is what I do in my spare time." If only I could be as prolific outside of work!

    6. Stick to the day job — Naomi Campbell

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    Epic Records

    There’s no denying Naomi is an icon, but her music is ~debatable~ to say the least. She wasn't a terrible singer, and I think with vocal training, she would have gotten better. Sadly, Naomi's debut pop album babywoman was a commercial failure in her native United Kingdom, but it was big in Japan for some reason, selling over one million copies worldwide. Overall, it would be her first and last album. 

    7. Multitalented — Idris Elba

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    I wasn't sure what to think when Idris announced he'd be taking a step back from acting to focus on his music career, but after watching his Daily Duppy, who can be mad at Idris for flaunting his achievements over a sick beat? Not me! He's not only talented in rapping, but he's also known as DJ Big Driis — that's the sort of name you only get when you're very talented on the decks.

    8. Stick to the day job — Paris Hilton

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    Paris has had an eclectic career, and she's best remembered for sort of just being famous. Back in 2006, she decided to try out music and received mixed reviews. Her debut album, Paris, included the singles "Stars Are Blind" and "Nothing in This World" (both bangers, tbh), but the album didn't do well, and her music career ultimately petered out. On the bright side, she has found success in the DJing world, and you can tell that she enjoys it!

    9. Multitalented — Method Man

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    The Island Def Jam Music Group

    In the first season of Power Book II: Ghost, Method's acting was so good that I forgot he was originally a rapper. The Wu-Tang Clan member is a Grammy award-winning hip-hop artist who also began a solo career with his studio album, Tical. It was a resounding success, and charted at number four on the American charts. It was not only his lyricism that made him stand out amongst other musicians, but his charisma and amazing live performances. Seeing him take on the acting world and nail it is what we love to see!

    10. Stick to the day job — Lindsay Lohan

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    You're only a real Lohan fan if you already knew about her short stint as a pop singer...I mean, "Rumors," am I right?! Her debut album, Speak, did alright commercially, and the song "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)" from her second album became her first and only single, to date, to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. However, after A Little More Personal (Raw) didn't flourish in the same way as Speak, Lindsay's pop star dream started to fade.

    11. Multitalented — Will Smith

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    Columbia Records

    "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It," "Miami," and "Switch" are just a few bangers Will Smith has blessed us with. Now Hollywood's leading man, Will has starred in everything from Hitch to Independence Day, and has recently been awarded an Oscar for his role as Richard Williams in King Richard. What if I told you that he never intended to be a movie star though? Will got started with his rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, and then went on to release four studio albums before segueing into acting. A true Renaissance man, huh?

    12. Stick to the day job — Tyra Banks

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    We all know Tyra as a model and TV presenter, but many may not be aware that for six years she took aim at a career in the music industry! Despite this, her 2004 song "Shake Your Body" would be the first and last song she would release. Tyra may have had the attitude to become a music megastar, but something just didn't click no matter how much we were all ~rooting~ for her.

    13. Multitalented — Jamie Foxx

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    Jamie is a Grammy award-winning musician and an Oscar-winning actor — and if that isn't a flex, I don't know what is! His musical talents were obvious from the tender age of five when he started taking piano lessons, but he's also had a major career in acting, beginning with a hilarious turn in the sketch-comedy show In Living Color.

    Jamie released his first album Peep This, which hit #78 on the Billboard album chart, but he didn't stop there; he even provided vocals on hit songs like "Gold Digger" and "Slow Jamz"! Jamie fused his talents for acting and music into the role of a lifetime when he played the title role in Ray, for which he won a Best Actor Oscar.

    14. Stick to the day job — Kobe Bryant

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    Sony Music Entertainment

    The late Kobe Bryant was once part of a rap group called CHEIZAW, who were signed to Sony Music Entertainment. However, due to Kobe's burgeoning NBA career, the label decided to focus on pushing him as a solo artist instead. His album Visions was in the works, but was shelved after the Basketball star debuted his single "K.O.B.E." at a 2000 NBA All-Star Game. Eventually, Kobe would be dropped from his label due to "creative differences." Shame!

    15. Multitalented — Taylor Momsen

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    Who else was in awe of that little girl singing "Where Are You Christmas" in How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Since then, Taylor has had a starring role in Gossip Girl, but nowadays focuses her attention on her band, The Pretty Reckless. The quartet have released four successful albums, and have won several awards, including Best Hard Rock Band at the 2017 Alternative Press Music Awards and Rock Artist of the Year at the 2021 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

    16. Stick to the day job — Russell Crowe

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    ... or should I say Russ le Roq? That's the stage name Russell performed under back in the '80s! He and his friend formed the band called Roman Antix, who would become 30 Odd Foot of Grunts not long after. In total, they released three studio albums and went on a few tours, but no soaring success would come from their efforts. However, in his acting career, Russell is no joke, appearing in A Beautiful Mind, Noah, and Gladiator, for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor.

    Let's also be honest, if Russell's singing in Les Misérables is anything to go by, I'm glad he switched tracks to acting!

    17. Multitalented — Caleb McLaughlin

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    Caleb McLaughlin

    I don't care what anyone says, this song is so catchy! When I first heard it, I was stuck on some of the lyrics, but after listening to it multiple times, I think it's pretty damn addictive! For this to be Caleb's first single, well, let's just say this is only just the beginning.

    18. Stick to the day job — Priyanka Chopra

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    There's no denying that Priyanka is an incredible successful actress, but her career in music has been a little scattered. She's collaborated with the likes of Pitbull and, but there's an ongoing public debate as to whether she can actually sing or not. I can't forget the time a fan asked her to sing one of her songs without music. Tbf, she wasn't bad, but I don't think she'll be collabing with her husband anytime soon.

    Here's that moment for you here:

    19. Multitalented — Donald Glover

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    Donald's breakout role as Troy Barnes in Community has helped him become a HUGE star in the acting world, with roles in major Hollywood projects like The Martian, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and The Lion King. His music career as Childish Gambino, however, is just as credible!

    With four studio albums under his belt, Donald has received numerous accolades. His single "This Is America" was an overnight success, debuting at number one on the US Billboard Hot 100. The accompanying music video was also a major cultural moment and received about 12.9 million views in just 24 hours!

    Are there any other celebs that should be added to this list? If so, let us know in the comments!