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Sydney Sweeney

Jennifer Lawrence Is Being Praised For Admitting That She Can’t “Get Over” Her Republican Dad’s Political Views After She Revealed They Fell Out During The 2016 Election

Last month, Sydney sparked backlash when she told people not to make “assumptions” about her mom’s “innocent” birthday party after guests were spotted wearing MAGA-inspired hats and Blue Lives Matter shirts.

Sydney Sweeney Has No Good Options

Complaining about financial anxiety or having ties to family members who have unsavory politics violates the unwritten rules of contemporary celebrity.

A Viral TikTok Suggesting That Sydney Sweeney Was Sexually Harassed On The Met Gala Red Carpet May Have Misheard A “Catcall”

"Sydney Sweeney deserved better that night, and all women deserve better when it comes to being harassed point-blank," the TikToker said. Update: This story has been updated to reflect that the video may have been misheard as “show us those boobs” rather than “show us those moves.”

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