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    Sydney Sweeney Is Reportedly Engaged To Boyfriend Jonathan Davino


    Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney is reportedly engaged!

    Sydney poses for a photo

    According to People, the actor is engaged to her boyfriend, Jonathan Davino.

    Sydney sits on a couch on a late night show

    The report comes one day after Sydney was photographed what looked like a sizable engagement ring — so, now we know what that may have been all about.

    Sydney walks down the street while carrying a bag

    We don't know a ton about Sydney's relationship with Jonathan Davino, because she (very reasonably) doesn't talk about her private life all that much.

    Sydney poses for a photo

    But People points out that the couple have been photographed together since 2018, and that his family owns a device technology and packaging company called 14th Round and Finalbell.

    Sydney poses with a clutch

    Maybe we'll find out more at some point; maybe we won't. Either way, congratulations seem to be in order for the couple!

    Sydney poses for a photo at an event