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Sydney Sweeney Compared Her Latest Look To Jessica Rabbit, And Oh My, Those Are A Lot Of Red Sparkles

Alexa, play "Feeling Good" by Michael Bublé.

Sydney Sweeney channeled Jessica Rabbit in her latest red carpet look.

Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet

She also appeared to debut new curtain bangs, alongside the slightly darker hair color Sydney has been opting for lately:

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

The custom Miu Miu dress was for the premiere of Sydney's movie Reality (based on the story of whistleblower Reality Winner) at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Sydney Sweeney on the red carpet

IMHO, the best part of this dress is how it moves — check out the way it hits the light:


Sydney confirmed on her Instagram story that any likeness to Jessica Rabbit was intended:

Screenshot of Sydney Sweeney's Instagram story

Either way, this is part of a long and wonderful red carpet tradition of channeling the cartoon gal:

Personally, I wish we had a tad more drama from her hair and makeup — but I haven't showered in two days, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

This isn't the only daring look Sydney has opted for amid the Reality rollout — she also wore this Alexander McQueen blazer this weekend:

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

Sydney's performance in the movie is already getting rave reviews, so sounds like as good a time as any to bring out the sparkles.

Closeup of Sydney Sweeney