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    Glen Powell Addressed His Alleged Affair With Sydney Sweeney And What It's Like Dating In Hollywood

    Let's get to the bottom of this.

    Glen Powell is opening up about those Sydney Sweeney affair allegations that started while the two were promoting their new film.

    Closeup of Glen Powell at a media event

    While filming and promoting their upcoming rom-com, Anyone But You, flirty paparazzi photos were released of Glen and Sydney from set and various press tours. It didn't take long for rumors to swirl.

    Closeup of Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney looking at each other on the red carpet

    To make matters worse, Glen and his then-girlfriend, Gigi Paris, appeared to break up amid the alleged affair speculations.

    Closeup of Gigi Paris and Glen Powell

    Well, while gracing the latest cover of Men's Health, Glen spoke out about it all, explaining how the treatment made him feel and what it's actually like for him trying to date in Hollywood.

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    “When all that stuff happened, you know, publicly, it felt disorienting and unfair," Glen told the magazine. "But what I’m realizing is that’s just a part of this gig now.”

    But when it comes to navigating new relationships, the Top Gun: Maverick star said now he knows he'll need someone on his team who can adapt to the "uncertainty" and chaos that comes with working in the industry.

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    "And on a romantic level, you gotta find a teammate who is down for that adventure, down for that uncertainty, down for that thing. It’s a lot to deal with."

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    "Honestly, I really try to be a great partner. When I love, I love hard. I also understand that the speed and uncertainty of my life is a very hard thing to put up with.”

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    Back in August, Sydney also commented on the affair rumors, adding that she and Glen "don't really care" about them.

    Closeup of Sydney Sweeney smiling

    “It’s a rom-com," Sydney told Variety. “That’s what people want! Glen and I don’t really care. We have so much fun together, and we respect each other so much; he’s such a hard worker, and I’m a hard worker."

    Twitter: @SSydneyBest

    "We’re excited for the press tour, and I literally just left ADR with him. We talk all the time like, ‘That’s really funny.’”

    Closeup of Sydney Sweeney

    As of today, Glen is reportedly single, while Sydney has been engaged to restaurateur and pizza heir, Jonathan Davino, since 2022.

    Closeup of Jonathan Davino and Sydney Sweeney

    To read more about Glen, be sure to check out his full Men's Health interview. And if you want more of Glen and Sydney together, be sure to watch Anyone But You when it hits theaters on Dec. 22.

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