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Sydney Sweeney's "Immaculate" Red Carpet Look Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

A bold look.

There's no denying it — whenever Sydney Sweeney hits the red carpet, all eyes are on her.

closeup of her with a slicked back hairstyle, wearing a ribbed top with gold buttons, and gold hoop earrings

Sydney recently attended the Los Angeles premiere for her new film Immaculate, which comes out in theaters next weekend. It looks pretty gory!

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Neon / Via youtube.com

For her red carpet appearance, Sydney wore a Balmain piece that is honestly mesmerizing — effectively shaped like a bouquet of flowers, with two arms seemingly wrapped around her to keep everything together.

Sydney Sweeney at an event wearing a dress adorned with floral appliques

Here's a profile shot, which gives you a closer look at the "flowers":

And here's a closer look at the entire piece:

the piece made out of painted plastic or metal, shaped into flowers and hands wrapping around

Here's how the piece looked from the side as she was greeting Immaculate costar Simona Tabasco:

the two greeting at the premiere

Wild stuff — and in case you were wondering, she eventually changed into a less radical look for the rest of the premiere.

Sydney Sweeney in a white cropped button-up and black pants at an event

All in all, quite the red carpet fashion statement.