Sydney Sweeney Mispronouncing "Homage" Is So Iconic, Like I Can't

    Obsessed, honestly...

    You know Sydney Sweeney. She's starred in Euphoria, The White Lotus, and so many more iconic shows and movies.

    Well, this week, she appeared in British GQ's "Actually Me" series, where she went undercover on the internet to answer fan questions.

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    The interview was super cute or whatever, but I was low-key more fascinated by one moment in particular. One fan on Instagram asked her about this iconic flower look on Euphoria.

    "Was this or was this not an homage to Midsommar?" Sydney read aloud. But this is how she pronounced "homage":


    (Midsommar also had a very floral aesthetic throughout the film.)

    According to, it's pronounced like HAH-mij.

    Not HO-midge.

    Other people were like OMG???

    One person commented "She didn't know to read homage lol (Home-age" it's ok tho
    A comment that says "Homage pronunciation"

    IDK, I thought it was funny. What do y'all make of it? Let me know in the comments below!